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About Orbital Insight

Despite all the information at our fingertips, there is a lot that we don’t know about our world. We’re still surprised by oil price drops, fluctuations in food supply, ramifications of natural disasters, and other unforeseeable market events. With remarkable advancements in computer vision and cloud computing, Orbital Insight is turning millions of images into a big-picture understanding of the world that is quantitatively grounded in observation, creating unprecedented transparency, and empowering global decision makers with a new source of market insights.

By analyzing millions of satellite images at a time, Orbital Insight equips innovative industry leaders with advanced, unbiased knowledge of socio-economic trends. Orbital Insight’s geoanalytics platform transcends individual markets, finding truth and transparency in the ever-expanding supply of satellite images. What would you like to know?


Signals We Produce

Observing Earth to monitor physical environments has been crucial to understanding human impact on the planet for thousands of years. Orbital Insight uses the world's sensors to track abstract trends and phenomena that can’t be perceived at the human scale. What can these signals unearth about your industry?

US Retail Traffic

Quantifying sales trends of major U.S. retail chains in real time through the number of cars in parking lots.

China Economic Index

Providing independent data about China's economy through vehicle counting, building shadows and construction rates.

Oil Inventory

Analyzing shadows on floating lids of oil tanks around the world can capture how much oil is truly available.


Tracking forests and fields from the sky can anticipate crop shortages, predict deforestation, and indicate poverty.

Poverty Mapping

Providing an additional layer of insight about development and relative wealth levels in areas where data is lacking.

Global Water Reserves

Monitoring the water levels of key bodies around the world can help us better prepare for shortages.

Development Partnerships

We partner with innovative industry leaders to support new achievements for business, government, and nonprofit organizations. Learn more about how you can apply your expertise to Orbital Insight data.

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