Introducing Orbital Insight GO

Turn Data Into Insight – Anywhere, Anytime.

Oil storage
increased 9%

Refinery anomaly detected

Retail traffic
decreased 7%

New roads
increased 2.3%

Vessel traffic
decreased 12%

City-wide traffic
increased 11%

Auto-Manufacturing Shifts
increased 19%

Real Estate Foot Traffic
decreased 16%

Copper Export Shipments
decreased 53%

Who We Help

Financial Services

Hedge funds, asset managers, and other institutional investors can leverage Orbital Insight for novel investment opportunities and data-driven portfolio management.

Access Novel Insights


Financial and physical traders, analysts and portfolio managers, petroleum producers and logistics professionals are empowered to make informed trading decisions.

Discover Energy Trends


GIS analysts, policymakers, and defense and intelligence professionals can make superior decisions supported by automated, scalable geospatial analytics.

Automate Analyses

From Pixel to Insight

The proliferation of commercial space, cloud computing and AI & machine learning have enabled Orbital Insight to catalogue the world’s physical activity, driving better business and policy decisions.

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Complete Transparency of the World’s Economic and Geopolitical Activity

Datasets today suffer from latency, sources biases and market opacity. Orbital Insight’s mission is to deliver greater levels of visibility and intelligence for corporates, governments and financial investors alike.

Informational Edge. Minimized Risk

Access and contextualize millions of raw data points, translating multiple sources of geospatial intelligence into actionable information.


Leverage multiple sources of unbiased, actionable information.


Gain firsthand knowledge of assets, normalized for contextual relevancy.


Answer your specific questions as they arise with unprecedented timeliness.

The Multi-Source Advantage

Orbital Insight ingests, interprets and analyzes multiple sources of intelligence to provide a holistic and complementary view of the world’s economic and geopolitical activity.

Object Detection

Land Use


Object Detection

Identify and quantify activities based on data including car, ship and aircraft counts sourced from satellite imagery.

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Land Use

Automate large scale land use and change detection of building, road and environmental land use from pixels.

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Access daily foot traffic and key demographic trends, anonymously aggregated from billions of mobile phone pings.

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