Geospatial Analytics for an Interconnected World

Did new road and building construction in China increase or decrease over the last quarter?

Geospatial Analytics for an Interconnected World

How did supply and demand of steel change over the last quarter?

Geospatial Analytics for an Interconnected World

Did the amount of iron ore passing through the world's ports change as a result?

Geospatial Analytics for an Interconnected World

Did Ore mining increase or decrease?

Geospatial Analytics for an Interconnected World

How did these changes affect commodity prices?

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A Knowledge Base for Earth

Humans are able to understand the differences between a before and after image from a natural disaster or man-made event. However, it is humanly impossible to interpret millions of such images and draw timely and meaningful conclusions. As technological advances in space hardware continue to push the limits of our knowledge about Earth, more data than ever before is being generated by satellites, drones, balloons, and other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Orbital Insight’s mission is to source, process, and analyze this information and make it actionable for businesses, governments, and NGOs. By applying machine learning and computer vision technologies, we build software that interprets data at petabyte scale to drive better business and policy decisions.

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Access 260,000 locations across 165 retailers in the U.S.


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Monitor global oil supply from production to consumer pricing.


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Accurate yield and production estimates for U.S. corn and soy.


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Develop a unique data set to build competitive advantage.


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Drive Better Decisions

Uncover Opportunities

Receive daily activity from across the entire planet.

Improve Performance

Increase decision accuracy with up-to-date global data.

Reduce Costs

Identify inefficiencies across key assets, processes, and locations.

Manage Risk

Monitor and protect assets anytime, anywhere.

Generate New Ideas

Explore data to build new insights and improve operations.

Mobilize Results

Push alerts inform and align around action plans.

Look Across Industries

Orbital Insight sources, processes, and analyzes geospatial data across industries.

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