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The fastest and easiest way to use location data to answer your organization’s questions.

Discover, Measure and Monitor activity around the world to make better informed decisions.

The GO Platform

The Orbital Insight GO is an AI-powered Geospatial Analytics platform designed to simplify the use of location data, allowing users to query the world with three basic parameters: 

  • WHAT type of activity?
  • WHERE on earth?
  • WHEN?

The platform automates the most difficult steps of deriving insights: allowing you to answer many challenging geospatial questions.

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"To improve the visibility and traceability of our commodity supply chains, we’re using satellite imagery, geolocation data, blockchain and AI. In 2020, we began working with Orbital Insight to get data around the ‘first mile’ in our supply chains. We then refine this data to get accurate images of the forests, biodiversity and water cycles that intersect our supply chain."

Unilever, Annual Report

"We believe Orbital Insight has provided our team with a data platform that allows for more precise research analysis."

FCP, Managing Partner

Drive better business and policy decisions.

Orbital Insight analyzes billions of geospatial data points with machine learning so you can see the world as it truly is. Act with confidence on objective, timely, and transparent geospatial analytics.

  • Reduce Costs and Save Time
  • Increase Revenues and Margins
  • Improve Asset Utilization
  • Accelerate Due Diligence
  • Confirm Sources and Obtain Competitive Intelligence
  • Mitigate Business and Policy Risk

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