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Our Neural Net Dreams of Cars

One of the technologies we’ve built at Orbital Insight is a state-of-the-art car detector. We use this detector to process 50 centimeter satellite imagery and extract insights like consumer shopping behavior—for more on that, see our earlier blog post. Under the hood, our car detector is implemented using a convolutional neural network, or “conv net” […]

Blue Skies for the Geospatial Marketplace: New Investment for Pioneering Technology

Perspective is a powerful thing. The invention of the microscope gave scientists access to a new world of insights at the molecular level. At Orbital Insight, our vision is to create the macroscope—a real-time view of the world at global, regional and hyperlocal scales via satellite imagery by leveraging computer vision and machine learning technologies. […]

Orbital Insight Announces Expanded Product Coverage in Retail and Energy Verticals

Orbital Insight is excited to announce enhancements to both its US Retail Traffic and Worldwide Oil Storage product suites. Orbital Insight has made a number of enhancements to its US Retail Traffic offerings to give clients a broader understanding of the US retail economy. Orbital Insight recently added 38 chains to the coverage universe of […]

Data In Focus: A New Way of Looking at Water

As the world’s population approaches 10 billion people and chronic droughts and water shortages proliferate, water has become our most critical and contested resource. Although technological advances have helped alleviate the threat of shortages in oil and other commodities, a global water crisis could be disastrous. Already, 80 countries face water shortages, two billion people […]

Orbital Insight Correctly Predicts Retail Sales Miss, Hit Rate Grows to 78%

On January 12th, Orbital Insight’s US Retail Traffic Index predicted a miss of Bloomberg consensus estimates for Retail Sales ex-Auto in December (+0.2% MoM). On Friday, January 15th, the census reported a -0.1% MoM decrease in Retail Sales ex-Auto, in line with Orbital Insight’s forecast of a miss of analyst estimates. Since 2013, Orbital Insight […]

Orbital Insight’s State of US Retail: Q4 Review

A historically weak quarter across the board Orbital Insight, a geospatial big data company creating actionable data through proprietary deep learning analysis of satellite and UAV images to understand and characterize socio-economic trends at scale, is excited to announce the first of its quarterly State of US Retail Traffic Review, which encompasses a comprehensive breakdown […]

From the Macroscope: Home Improvement Stores End 2015 With a Whimper

Parking lots outside of major retail chains can be an indicator of a business’ profits. Orbital Insight analyzes millions of satellite images to detect the number of cars in over 55,000 parking lots and track how these numbers fluctuate over time. We track 50 retail chains, including some of the largest in the US, covering […]

Measuring Poverty from Space

How do we track economic progress and identify pockets of poverty? Often, the only way is to ask. Census data is crucial to measuring national population, housing counts and even agriculture, business, and traffic. These are supplemented by household surveys that collect income or expenditure data. However, the process of manually acquiring this type of […]