Automated Scalable Geospatial Intelligence with Orbital Insight GO Create

Orbital Insight GO is the geospatial analytics platform that empowers asset managers, corporates and governments alike with automated scalable geospatial intelligence. In the past, this was technology reserved for specialized government agencies.

In our mission to quantify what is happening on and to the Earth, Orbital Insight GO empowers users to answer their questions faster and more accurately than ever before.

GO's data feeds are ready to provide answers to many anticipated questions on the first day of your subscription. Analysts interested in global crude stockpiles and refinery maintenance amid OPEC production cuts, or decisive data on foot traffic and inbound vehicles at malls to know which property is likely generating enough business to sustain its debt refinancing will be delighted to know there's a data feed for that.

For more specific questions, GO Create puts the power in your hands. All you have to do is ask.

With cloud technology, machine learning, and a few clicks, you can track the work shifts at Tesla's gigafactory in Nevada and how that might impact the rollout of Tesla's Model 3 in the coming months. No stock analyst or amounts of social media sentiment may be able to tell you as quickly or definitively.

With both speed and accuracy, this same technology can track the global distribution of aircraft, the rate of infrastructure development in the One Belt One Road initiative, or traffic patterns at Disneyland.

Limitless Versatility, Like A Swiss-Army Knife

In its simplest form, GO Create is like a Swiss-army knife, able to cut and shape data on anything from trucks in Cairo, to private airplanes in Hong Kong, to forests in the Amazon. The only real limit to its capacity is the user's imagination.

GO is a SaaS tool that runs "in the cloud" and is integrated with various geospatial data providers, automatically processing data at scale on a daily basis.

The platform merges multiple sources of geospatial data, ranging from high-revisit satellites to synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) sensors, to 800 million connected devices. The combination of these allows the user to get more data easily and yields a unique vantage point. An analyst looking into Tesla can now count Model 3's in the lots, the foot traffic in the plant and derive how many workers it takes to produce a vehicle.

Orbital Insight data shows car counts from Tesla's Fremont factory

Orbital Insight data shows car counts from Tesla's Fremont factory

A GO Create project begins when a user selects a set of locations to track activities for. Once the geofenced Area of Interest (AOI) is selected, pings from cell phones or satellite imagery can be intersected with it, along with Orbital Insight's suite of proprietary computer vision and data science models, to produce insights into the movements of people, cars, trucks, ships, aircraft or just about anything that involves change in activity or land use.

The data can be captured on a variety of time scales - from daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly to yearly - whether you're interested in the long term trend or the daily variability. From a single Walmart parking lot to the chain's global footprint, GO's reach and scalability yields an incredible potential for insight.

Unbiased Global Transparency, China Included

Chinese construction activity is a key global macro driver, yet investors lack transparency into regional city trends. Monthly data, according to official statistics, is only available at national and provincial levels and may not be relied upon for its accuracy.

A GO Create use-case monitoring Chinese One Belt One Road infrastructure projects was able to quantify the rate of development on a national scale. In one of the projects most ambitious plans, The Khorgos Eastern Gates Special Economic Zone, we detected a 6% growth in road construction and a 4% increase in new buildings from 2016 to 2017. Understanding the infrastructure development in Khorgos is key to tracking progress against Chinese growth targets for the envisioned launch point of Chinese exports by rail into Europe.

Infrastructure Development in Khorgos Border Region

Infrastructure Development in Khorgos Border Region

Customers using GO Create can develop their own time series on new building and road construction anywhere in the world with unbiased transparency, giving visibility into regions and activities that would otherwise remain opaque.

Another compelling GO use case is how it may be used to generate independent information covering gas station traffic in the U.S. This is a major challenge to financial analysts and commodities traders as there is little ground truth when it comes to tracking gas demand at the granularity of individual gas stations. Owners may have access to their own transaction and pump volume data, but don't know how their competitors are doing. Gas station owners, research houses and asset managers need to have more insight into tracking regional and national gas demand levels. GO can provide them with the ability to isolate stations that are of interest to them, including their own and those of their competitors, and measure foot traffic per gas station to understand how different gas stations perform over time.

Limited Latency, In Following Fighter Jets As Well

At its core GO reduces latency from real-world events to analysis, particularly compared to government or survey data. In other words, GO looks at the latest foot traffic, land use and activities based data to translate raw information into actionable data.

The result is a cost savings of days of trained analysts' work and reinvestment into higher level tasks such as executing a timely trade or deeper operational planning.

For equities analysts, this can lead to an incredibly positive impact on their work. For instance, the only Japanese factory making the Subaru Forester grappled with power steering defects in early January, and the news was reported toward the end of the month after it had shut production down for a week without notice. Auto sector analysts tracking the factory through GO would have been alerted to the event much faster by a foot traffic data feed for that factory which went down to virtually zero in that period.

For government analysts, manually poring over thousands of satellite images to derive baseline trends and detect ongoing anomalies is expensive, inefficient and, ultimately, does not scale.

GO provides the automated solution to count and classify objects and features. The ability to provide continuous monitoring for anomalous activity can now be implemented into strategic planning and policy-making with analysts empowered to do deeper data dives and create richer intelligence.

A trained analyst can save over 60 hours of time by leveraging GO Create to count and classify over 50,000 aircraft from thousands of satellite images at 350 airfields across the globe.

Aircraft Detection - Jiuquan Shuangchengzi Air Base

Aircraft Detection - Jiuquan Shuangchengzi Air Base

Whether you're identifying the latest roads for a disaster relief mission or the most trafficked retail location on Black Friday, GO Create gives you a decisive advantage.