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What's new, why it matters, and how TerraScope addresses key challenges to simplify geospatial analytics

Every organization’s success depends on timely decision-making, managing risk, and building sustainable competitive advantage or economic moats. Whether strategic, operational, or competitive, business decisions require an accurate picture of what is happening on the ground. For example, how to respond to a new construction project, such as a new manufacturing site, and build an analysis for impact on demand? How will deep-tier suppliers deal with supply chain disruption triggered by a war? Or who are your actual competitors, where do they get the raw materials and components, and what are the implications from a bill of material or new product development perspective? Answering these questions requires AI-powered analytics, visualization, and enriching it with real-time data. Thanks to a dramatic increase in earth observation data, the availability of advanced algorithms, and cloud infrastructure, it is possible to find answers effectively, efficiently, and on time.

And that's what we care most about here at Orbital Insight. We believe that all organizations should have access to location data. Using geospatial analytics should not require an army of data science professionals. The ability to see trends, identify change and take action should be based on real-time data. So we built the next-generation geospatial analytics platform, Orbital Insight TerraScope, to democratize geospatial intelligence and empower the world’s decision-makers.


However, incorporating location and earth observation data and performing geospatial analytics has been challenging. If you manage a team responsible for location intelligence, then you know how difficult it is to run these projects, starting with data sourcing, ingestion, and processing: 

  • Vetting the data providers, negotiating contracts, getting licenses, and in the case of satellite imagery, dealing with revisit rate and tasking 
  • Integrating dozens of data sets based on your use cases, no single platform that can process all data types
  • Finding suitable algorithms for a specific analysis; most platforms have a limited set of proprietary algorithms that work only on their platform 
  • To provide insights, you may need tools for visualization; you need APIs for integration and SDKs for building custom applications 

That changes today with TerraScope, the most advanced geospatial analytics platform.

TerraScope Sensor to insights

Why TerraScope

TerraScope is the only platform in the world that can blend computer vision and geolocation sensor data to detect changes, monitor activity, and discover patterns of life at any location. The new platform enhances the existing features of the successful GO platform with many unique capabilities, such as: 

  • Multisensor data fusion combining location data and satellite imagery for comprehensive insights
  • Bring your own algorithms, write new ones or use our best-in-class algorithms
  • A library of predefined analysis for single-click insights
  • Easy to set up and use, global data coverage out of the box
  • Intuitive UI for visualization, seamless export to ArcGIS
  • Massive scalability for analysis on millions of areas of interest (AOI) to operate globally 

TerraScope enables customers to productize algorithms and accelerate new sensor data integration. With TerraScope, companies gain near real-time visibility and access to historical trends that allow them to make informed business decisions. 

The AI-powered platform addresses business pain points in real estate site development, measuring customer loyalty in retail, optimizing supply chains, monitoring industrial facilities, and many more applications. 

For example, Facility Intelligence can help businesses identify changes at industrial facilities, understand anomalous activities across the supply chain and monitor port activity to identify logistical issues.


Key Platform Highlights 

TerraScope enables business leaders to analyze economic, societal, and environmental trends at scale. Using TerraScope, non-technical and business users can simultaneously analyze imagery, geolocation, and IoT sensor data. Potential add-ons include demographics, weather, events, and more. The platform is already providing insights for real estate, finance, commercial energy & industrial, and defense & intelligence professionals with dozens of built-in analyses: 

  • Watch site activity and interactions and compare them to benchmarks 
  • Find who’s visiting, when, and what are vital interactions with other sites 
  • Monitor supply chain activity and identify disruptions 
  • Monitor facilities and infrastructure to identify risk, spot changes in activity or land use, and track assets 
  • Count the number of aircraft, trucks, and other military assets at any base with airbase monitoring 
  • Leverage modular architecture that enables composable analytics for right fit mission application 
  • Anomaly detection tip & cue sensors & algorithms for automated analytic dossiers 


Economic volatility, geopolitical turmoils, and climate change are accelerating the pace of change. Uncertainty, market shifts, and lack of a clear picture of what's happening on the ground are creating strong economic headwinds for your business. The key question for a leader is - What are you going to do about it? 

Geospatial analytics can help to decipher patterns and detect change. Location intelligence can enable you to spot market shifts early. And geospatial intelligence can empower you to respond and prepare to deal with strategic competition. So based on years of customer feedback, we have built the most advanced geospatial analytics stack. TerraScope is the culmination of our efforts to unlock the value of the broader geospatial analytics ecosystem. 

Industry leaders such as the RBC Capital Markets' Digital Intelligence Strategy team have been leveraging alternative data and geospatial intelligence to quantify societal behavior, detect changes and uncover insights. Check out their latest report, The Mississippi Monitor, to quantify the disruption of a vital American shipping artery. 

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