Orbital Insight Expands GO Consumer Capabilities

GO Consumer has increased its coverage of the U.S. retail sector to now include 127 publicly traded companies, which account for more than 90% of the market capitalization of the U.S. retail sector.

The expanded GO Consumer product also provides a new level of product depth and analysis, integrating Factset data to incorporate 3rd party trusted sources of data to provide customers with easy comparison to ground truth metrics such as revenues and same-store sales.

Lastly, Orbital Insight has improved its user experience to allow for easy fundamental analysis through watchlist creation, ticker comparisons, performance vs. consensus earnings estimates and an Excel Add-In to export data into customers’ desired workflow.

Leveraging on our geospatial technology that detects and normalizes car counts at over 300,000 retail parking lots, GO Consumer delivers objective, transparent and timely analytics.

From Quants To Fundamental Customers, Our Consumer Product Serves All

Geospatial datasets, once feasible for quantitative hedge funds with in-house machine learning expertise, are now available to all subscribers seeking an informational edge financial securities analysis. With GO Consumer’s new features, enhanced coverage, integration of third-party ground truth data and historical from Orbital Insight’s traffic trends going back over six years, our customers now have unprecedented real-time and unbiased visibility into the U.S. retail sector.

An investor or analyst covering Kohl’s (NYSE: KSS) department stores would have been able to track traffic at the entire chain’s footprint as an indicator or sales performance on a daily basis. When the company’s fiscal quarter ended on May 4, 2019 GO Consumer showed a 4.8% decline in car traffic to all of Kohl’s stores. Seventeen days after the end of the quarter, Kohl’s reported a major decline in same-store sales over that period, dropping 3.4% compared to last year. Our customers had a time advantage over company-reported quarterly results to estimate retail performance, leading to faster and more informed trading decisions.

When Kohl’s missed their Q1 2019 same-store sales targets, GO Consumer subscribers already knew.
When Kohl’s missed their Q1 2019 same-store sales targets, GO Consumer subscribers already knew.

Expanded Coverage, More Opportunities for Edge

Customers now have access to daily car traffic counts of recently-added major retail brands including Restaurant Brands International (TSX/NYSE: QSR), LKQ Corporation (NASDAQ: LKQ), FirstCash, Inc. (NADSAQ: FCFS), and Dunkin’ Brands (NASDAQ: DKDN).

These new chains join GO Consumer’s traffic monitoring in addition to some of the largest retailers previously covered including Walmart (NYSE: WMT), Home Depot (NYSE: HD), and Costco (NASDAQ: COST). In addition to adding new tickers, Orbital Insight updated store metadata to account for changing brick and mortar footprints, which you can read about in our blog post Finding Closure Around Store Closures.

Browse GO Consumer’s retail ticker coverage by sector
Browse GO Consumer’s retail ticker coverage by sector

Sector To Subsector Trend Analysis

Need to see foot-traffic for different aspects of retail, like apparel, restaurants and discount chains? The information is segmented accordingly, to sectors and subsectors, so that you can compare peers within an industry.

Just punch in the ticker of your choice, add it to your watchlist, and you’ll have access to daily retail traffic patterns while competitors are still analyzing the previous financial quarter.

Our Consumer Product is particularly groundbreaking for retail analysts or just about anyone in the industry wanting to track peer performance. Seamless user-friendly integration helps identify relevant trends such as traffic acceleration/deceleration and other indicators critical during quarterly earnings reviews.

The information we provide is third-party data that have withstood comparison tests against “trusted ground truth sources” such as revenue, same-store sales, and earnings consensus.

Third-Party Data That Is Absolutely Transparent

Orbital Insight’s objectivity on the data is also clear: we have no financial interest in any of these companies, making the transparency of the information we provide indisputable.

One of the best ways to measure retail performance is to measure quarterly and annual sales. Likewise, our Consumer Product’s data can also be aligned to reflect year-on-year changes that accurately correlate to company-reported comparable numbers such as revenues and same-store sales through our partnership with Factset.

Orbital’s traffic data goes back over six years, creating rich datasets with historical context across our coverage universe.