HollyFrontier’s Tulsa Refinery Front-Runs Maintenance Season

Orbital Insight’s Weekly Refinery Roundup

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Maintenance Highlights

In this Roundup, we bring you highlights on maintenance in PADD regions 1 (East Coast), 2 (Midwest) and 3 (Gulf Coast).

We begin with PADD 2, where HollyFrontier has completed maintenance on its Tulsa East, Oklahoma refinery almost one month ahead of the reported May 3rd target. Maintenance work at the plant began two days ahead of schedule, on Feb 11, idling some 70,000 bpd and was completed by April 5.

HollyFronteir Tulsa East
HollyFronteir’s Tulsa East TAR ends ahead of schedule.

Also in PADD 2, Marathon Petroleum overshot its maintenance window at the Robinson refinery in Illinois by 10 days. This plant began work on March 3, a day before schedule, putting 55,000 bpd out of commission. Work completed on April 8 against a March 28 target.

In PADD 3, Valero’s St. Charles refinery overran by more than two weeks Service works started on Jan 16, a day later than scheduled, and were completed on March 31, compared with the March 13 target. Some 215,000 bpd were offline during the maintenance.

Who’s On Track This Season?

Other refinery maintenance works completed or progressing to schedule:


PBF is expected to finish maintenance on its Delaware City refinery by April 9 as scheduled. Service works started a week earlier than scheduled, on March 1, idling 54,000 bpd. No anomaly or ramp up in activity has been detected.

PBF is also on track with the four-month long maintenance at its Paulsboro refinery in New Jersey,scheduled between April 1 and Aug 20. About 55,000 bpd will be offline during the event.


Exxon Mobil’s Joliet refinery in Illinois is on track to finish its maintenance by May 3 as scheduled. The refinery went into turnaround on March 28, earlier than the planned date of April 3, idling 238,600 bpd.

CHS’ McPherson refinery in Kansas is due to meet its April 30th completion target despite starting a day later than scheduled on March 23. About 48,000 bpd will be offline.


Citgo is slated to finish maintenance at its Corpus Christi refinery in Texas by April 30 as scheduled, after starting five days early, on March 13. Some 157,000 bpd will be idled.

Delek’s El Dorado refinery in Arkansas is on track to finish by April 15 maintenance works that began on March 11. About 83,000 bpd will be offline.