Store Traffic at Walmart in 2018 Declines Despite In-Store Enhancements

Today, Walmart hosts its annual shareholders event at the University of Arkansas where the company will elaborate on its corporate strategy including its efforts to drive traffic at its brick & mortar stores and its e-commerce sites.

Orbital Insight develops artificial intelligence algorithms that uses satellite imagery to count cars in more than 260,000 parking lots at over 95% accuracy to better understand retail traffic trends and compare against metrics like quarterly revenues.

The graph below shows our results from tracking approximately 5,100 Walmart & Sam’s Club locations in the United States, where we’ve seen a 1.75% decline in traffic so far in 2018 - an objective and statistically significant measure of traffic trends over time, updated on a daily basis.

This type of analysis allows Walmart investors and stakeholders alike to objectively understand changes in traffic on a nationwide level. All of which can be easily accessed from the cloud.

Orbital Insight develops geospatial data analytics to help its clients unlock societal and economic trends at a global scale. We source petabytes of satellite, drone, balloon and other unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) data. Using computer vision and machine learning technologies, we process and transform this data to enable businesses, governments, and NGOs to make better decisions. To find out more, contact