Product Manager, Geospatial Analytics

If you had a ‘Macroscope’ that could survey the entire earth every day what would you look at with it?  New construction in China? Fracking in Texas? Deforestation in Indonesia? New island construction in the South China Sea?  When the US economy hits an inflection point in an economic cycle what moves first? New home sales? Mall shopping? Hours worked at the nation’s factories?  What if you could see the entire earth every day and track all of these factors in near real time? What products would you build and who would you sell them to?

If this sounds interesting to you, we’d love to meet you — maybe you’ll become our next product manager! You could become the voice of the customer for our next geospatial analytics product and own the product execution roadmap for it.

The Orbital Insight development teams work in cross-functional Agile teams, exploring how geospatial data, data science, AI/deep learning, computer vision, and intimacy with user needs can create entirely new products that give novel insights about what we are doing on and to the earth. Our pioneering products help people answer questions that cannot be answered today, from predicting deforestation to helping predict oil and stock prices.

We’re looking for a skilled Product Manager for agile development in a field that’s so new, it requires fearless application of creativity, ingenuity, and business judgement. You’ll be partnering with engineers, computer vision researchers, and data scientists to make a delightful and powerful product line even better.  

This position will be based in our Palo Alto, CA office.


  • You will be the voice of the customer for our newest geospatial analytics product.  This means you’ll bring deep expertise about what our true customer needs are – not just what they ask for, but what they really need and will value highly.
  • Define the product roadmap and ensure product delivery, working closely with the development team on feature specifications, representing the voice of the user, and making decisions about implementation and resource trade-offs.
  • You’ll lead a cross-functional business team, partnering and coordinating all functional areas to ensure not just that the product meets its goals, but that the entire the business vertical meets its goals.
  • Talk to customers and translate their needs into product requirements, and be sure that everyone on the product team knows the customers’ true needs and your intent for the product, so they can make great, agile decisions in the moment.
  • Learn our full technology stack and identify how we can leverage our tech to better meet customer needs.  Help the team avoid over-engineering a solution in order to speed time to market, learning, and iteration.
  • Communicate in detail about requirements and technical trade-offs with Data Science and Software Engineering leads.  Present at all levels, up to our very technical head of product and CEO.  This requires a strong technical background.
  • Keep the backlog groomed, prioritized, and well understood.  Help the team identify bottlenecks, and quickly identify and address schedule risks for product delivery.
  • As an early member of product management team at Orbital Insight, you’ll help define associated processes and methods to set up the function and enable continuous improvement.  You will likely define new process, and get it adopted by setting a good example of its use.
  • Promote and demonstrate an iterative, experimental, Lean Agile approach to rapidly testing hypotheses, and speeding up our ability to respond to learnings.

Skills & Qualifications

  • 5+ years of experience doing product management on products requiring novel technology development.
  • Deep expertise in rolling out solutions for the geospatial industry, or transferable experience in another sector.
  • Demonstrated ability to rapidly learn a new sector – you will likely be asked to lead projects that span multiple sectors within your first year.
  • Must be highly self-motivated and driven to get results even when no-one is watching.
  • Startup experience strongly preferred.
  • Experience with data-driven products preferred – a product where the data IS the product, and the quality of the data is paramount.
  • Statistics/Economics/Computer Science degree, or equivalent technical experience sufficient to be credible with expert quantitative customers and peers.
  • MBA preferred.

Who is Orbital Insight?

Orbital Insight is a fast-growing provider of geospatial data and geo­-analytic services to commercial, nonprofit and public sector clients across the globe. Leveraging advancements in computer vision and cloud computing, Orbital Insight is turning millions of images into a big picture understanding of the world that is quantitatively grounded in observation, creating unprecedented transparency, and empowering global decision makers with new sources of objective, quantified socio­-economic insights.

We are recognized world-wide for our innovations.  Forbes named us a Next Billion Dollar Startup, and Fortune Magazine named us one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World, two years in a row, in two different categories.  In order to see detail and work at scale, we use computer vision and machine learning. Using convolutional neural networks, we have counted over 3 billion cars across global roads and parking lots, analyzing commercial patterns as well as city growth and development. Our global energy product uses computer vision to map floating roof oil tanks and measure the global volumes of crude oil. With this product, we were able to show that China has 200 million barrels of oil storage capacity that was unknown even to the trading community. Other projects include tracking rates of deforestation, measuring poverty levels around the globe, monitoring construction rates of new roads and buildings, and predicting crop yields. This is still the beginning of our mission to understand the Earth.


We are backed by marquee investors such as Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures, In-Q-Tel, and Bloomberg Beta, Orbital Insight is rapidly expanding its commercial and public sector capabilities. Come join us if you are unafraid to try new approaches and relentlessly seek to push the state of the art, taking projects all the way from prototype to production-ready.



– Stock Options

– Competitive salary

– Unlimited, paid time off

– Medical, dental, and vision insurance

– Life & disability coverage

– 401(k) program

– Flexible Spending Accounts

– Apple equipment

– Twice a week catered lunches

– Monthly happy hour in office

– Stocked kitchen with healthy snacks, coffee, tea, etc.

– Easy commute via nearby Caltrain station, and free commuter Go Pass

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