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GO Consumer Takes OEM Transparency From 0 to 60 with Autos Monitoring

OEM Transparency From 0 to 60 with Autos Monitoring In July 2018 Orbital Insight’s proprietary computer vision and artificial intelligence to count years of historical inventories at Tesla’s Lathrop distribution center using satellite imagery. The methodology determined Tesla’s “factory gate” to be a seasonal trend at the facility rather than flagging demand. In July 2019, […]

Return on Rollercoasters: Big Data and Theme Park Investing

Amusement parks are quintessential to American recreational life; they are quite literally the biggest form of fun in the United States. People expect their theme parks to be merry, exuberant and brash, where cotton candy and hotdogs mix with rides that range from the gentle giant Ferris wheel to the terror-striking Typhoon. But while pleasure, […]

Sears and Kmart: A One-Two Punch for CMBX Investors

Christmas is a time to hope for redemption in the New Year. Not this time perhaps for mall owners with Sears as anchor or tenant. Still grimacing from the gut blow of Bon-Ton’s closure of all its 260 stores this year, retail REITs and certain investors might be taking it on the chin next as […]

Bon-Ton Is Back, But Some REITs It Left Are Writhing

The iconic retailer has a new life online while previous hosts Washington Prime and CBL struggle with debt.  It survived The Great Depression. It survived World War II. But it couldn’t survive Digital Disruption – not in its original form, at least. As Bon-Ton, the iconic departmental store that shut all its 260 outlets in […]

Pyramid: Putting the Crown Back on America’s Suburbia Malls

The King of Toys is gone. But the King of West Nyack is still around, conducting itself with regal aplomb. We’re talking about the death of Toys ‘R’ Us. And the resurgence of the Palisades Mall, Pyramid Management Group’s crown jewel in West Nyack, New York – a 2.2-million-square-foot behemoth that on record gets 24 […]

Using Geolocation Data to Understand Consumer Behavior During Severe Weather Events

Our mission at Orbital Insight is to understand what’s happening on and to Earth through geospatial analytics. So, when major weather events like Hurricane Florence occur, we take the opportunity to explore how geospatial analytics can be most beneficially applied to aid decision-making. In 2017, we worked on analyzing satellite imagery to understand the full […]

Don’t Panic About the Thousands of Teslas Parked in a California Field

It’s happened before, and it will probably happen again. Independent Tesla watchers discovered a field that’s filled with Tesla Model Ss, 3s and Xs – thousands of them. The cars are in Lathrop, California, nearly 60 miles away from the company’s main factory in Fremont. Earlier this month, Tesla met its Model 3 production goal […]

Store Traffic at Walmart in 2018 Declines Despite In-Store Enhancements

Today, Walmart hosts its annual shareholders event at the University of Arkansas where the company will elaborate on its corporate strategy including its efforts to drive traffic at its brick & mortar stores and its e-commerce sites. Orbital Insight develops artificial intelligence algorithms that uses satellite imagery to count cars in more than 260,000 parking […]

Orbital Insight Correctly Predicts Retail Sales Miss, Hit Rate Grows to 78%

On January 12th, Orbital Insight’s US Retail Traffic Index predicted a miss of Bloomberg consensus estimates for Retail Sales ex-Auto in December (+0.2% MoM). On Friday, January 15th, the census reported a -0.1% MoM decrease in Retail Sales ex-Auto, in line with Orbital Insight’s forecast of a miss of analyst estimates. Since 2013, Orbital Insight […]

Orbital Insight’s State of US Retail: Q4 Review

A historically weak quarter across the board Orbital Insight, a geospatial big data company creating actionable data through proprietary deep learning analysis of satellite and UAV images to understand and characterize socio-economic trends at scale, is excited to announce the first of its quarterly State of US Retail Traffic Review, which encompasses a comprehensive breakdown […]

From the Macroscope: Home Improvement Stores End 2015 With a Whimper

Parking lots outside of major retail chains can be an indicator of a business’ profits. Orbital Insight analyzes millions of satellite images to detect the number of cars in over 55,000 parking lots and track how these numbers fluctuate over time. We track 50 retail chains, including some of the largest in the US, covering […]