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Understanding the Extent of Flooding in Houston from Hurricane Harvey

For over a week now, we’ve seen evidence of how Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on Texas, with surreal snapshots of buildings, roads, and other structures underwater. But with such a large area affected, it’s difficult to gain a comprehensive understanding of the extent of the flooding and its severity. Eye-witness reports or photos from certain […]

Our Neural Net Dreams of Cars

One of the technologies we’ve built at Orbital Insight is a state-of-the-art car detector. We use this detector to process 50 centimeter satellite imagery and extract insights like consumer shopping behavior—for more on that, see our earlier blog post. Under the hood, our car detector is implemented using a convolutional neural network, or “conv net” […]

Data In Focus: A New Way of Looking at Water

As the world’s population approaches 10 billion people and chronic droughts and water shortages proliferate, water has become our most critical and contested resource. Although technological advances have helped alleviate the threat of shortages in oil and other commodities, a global water crisis could be disastrous. Already, 80 countries face water shortages, two billion people […]