Chief Architect




Orbital Insight’s mission is to understand what we are doing on and to the Earth and to make that information available to decision makers around the world. We do that by building a multi-tenant SAAS platform that takes in dozens of geospatial data sources, including satellite and drone imagery, anonymous cell phone pings, ship location data, and many more, and then applying state-of-the art AI and Data Science algorithms at scales that would require years to decades of human labor. To make this possible we need world-class experts in Computer Vision, Data Science, and large-scale cloud computing. If you would like to be challenged to build systems that can solve large complex analytics problems never before solved then we would like to talk to you.

We are a very engaged community of engineers. We enjoy supporting each other's performance and growth. If you believe in collaboration, encourage open communication, and constantly pursue improvements, look no further than Orbital Insight.

This position will be based in our Palo Alto, CA office. Currently, Orbital Insight is fully remote (working from home) until the end of the year, due to COVID.

Who you are

  • You focus on enterprise systems, designing encapsulated, scalable, multi-tenant SaaS.
  • You execute flawlessly, quickly producing POCs and production implementations.
  • You extract the best solutions, combining ideas from the team and your experience.
  • You lead by example, proactively exhibiting technical and architectural excellence.
  • You communicate with all technical teams, overseeing the complete picture.
  • You invest in technology, making well reasoned buy vs. build decisions.
  • Responsibilities

  • Lead the design and oversee the implementation of our overall system architecture.
  • Provide technical leadership, consulting, mentoring, and advocacy for best practices in software architecture (zero-touch CI/CD, continuous performance monitoring, security, API design and usability, distributed processing, etc.)
  • Produce architectural artifacts at the service level and above: service and data flow diagrams, network diagrams, deployment diagrams, API documentation, etc.
  • Develop and maintain a system for an on-going, metrics-based, “independent” evaluation of our software’s maturity with respect to the classical software architecture attributes – scalability, reliability, availability, portability, security, performance, etc.
  • Recommend build/buy decisions based on requirements and detailed ROI analysis.
  • Qualifications

  • Requirement:
  • US citizenship (eligible for clearance)
  • 15+ years of experience developing enterprise, multi-tenant, SaaS systems
  • 5+ years in an explicit architect role with similar responsibilities
  • 5+ years experience with each of Python, Microservices, Docker, AWS, Azure
  • 2+ years experience with event driven architecture
  • 2+ years experience with some form of AI/ML/CV
  • Preference:
  • 2+ years of experience with geospatial data, DevOps
  • 2+ years of experience working with highly secure environments (DoD/IC)

  • Additional Information

    Orbital Insight is a fast growing provider of geospatial data and geo­-analytic services to commercial, nonprofit and public sector clients across the globe. Leveraging advancements in computer vision and cloud computing, Orbital Insight is turning millions of images into a big picture understanding of the world that is quantitatively grounded in observation, creating unprecedented transparency, and empowering global decision makers with new sources of objective, quantified socio­-economic insights.

    We are backed by marquee investors such as Google Ventures, Sequoia Capital, In­-Q­- Tel and Bloomberg Beta, Orbital Insight is rapidly expanding its commercial and public sector capabilities. Come join us if you are unafraid to try new approaches and relentlessly seek to push the state of the art, taking projects all the way from prototype to production-ready.
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