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Real Estate Due Diligence

An objective reality check of your resources can greatly contribute to your due diligence for real estate efforts.

No More Missed Opportunities While Reviewing Properties

The future of real estate due diligence certainly relies on human efforts, but the people who apply geospatial data to their decision-making are the ones who will come in ahead.

Orbital Insight GO will enable your team to validate more human-provided data, which leads to more confident real estate decisions.

Broaden your view of not only prospective properties, but also what's happening around the area, who's involved, and what that might mean for tenancy.

GO is the only multi-modal intelligence that includes satellite-detected objects such as cars, trucks, new building construction, and millions of IoT devices.

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“In an industry where location strategy is the underlying theme of every decision, Orbital Insight’s GO Property App allows our team to extract deep geographic insights to provide best in class real estate due diligence and research for our clients.“

Julian Adams, GIS Practice Lead

Answer More Questions to Gain a Competitive Advantage

GO is the PropTech solution for edge-gaining in Comercial Real Estate.

Competitive Advantages

  • What trends have others missed?
  • How does it compare to other properties?
  • How many people visit each day?
  • What is the impact of new tenants & comps?

Investment Advantages

  • Is traffic trending up or down? Why?
  • Can we repurpose space?
  • Could we bring in more relevant tenants?
  • How can I better understand my clientele?

Experiential Advantages

  • Who is coming to this property & from where?
  • Are customers spending more time onsite?
  • What is the cross-shopping amongst tenants?
  • Are events & activations successful?

Digitally mined customer origin and behavioral data help you determine which areas you need to expand in, where you might benefit in diversifying, or when a store might do better to close. 

What's more, you can study customer origin and mobility data in real-time or whenever necessary by leveraging artificial intelligence for real estate analysis efforts.

Your Secret Weapon: Highly Accurate and Predictive Trade Area Models

By leveraging geospatial data, GO is able to create highly accurate and even predictive trade area models using IoT device data, demographic data, and drive times.

With these models, your commercial real estate investments and policy decisions are based on empirical data of a representative customer base and the travel routes they take, including foot traffic data.

Understanding Multi-Family Trends in Atlanta

How Clients Use GO for Real Estate Site Selection and More

  • Site Selection: A QSR operator identifies an entirely new demographic that accounts for half of property traffic.
  • Multifamily Acquisitions: An opportunity zone investor identifies which neighborhoods are experiencing growing median household incomes.
  • Redevelopment: A REIT analyzes parking utilization with connected vehicle data and spots re-development opportunity.
  • Property Deep Dive: A premier global real estate company measures and analyzes foot traffic at a large multi-use development to assess performance, trends, and movement patterns within the property.

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