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Geospatial Intelligence

Orbital Insight GO supports GEOINT imagery analysts in their goals to analyze and interpret imagery for U.S. military and policymaker interests.

In Support of the Defense and Intelligence Community

Orbital Insight GO helps the defense and intelligence community prevent unwanted surprises to the United States. With GO, your analysts can:

  • Scale intelligence gathering
  • Perform deeper analyses
  • Increase global transparency
  • Empower the warfighter
  • Unveil economic trends
  • Make safer investment decisions

Built with the highest level of security, GO sources, processes, and interprets geospatial and terrestrial data sets at scale. 

Equip your analysts with the data they need to support U.S. military and policymaker interests. GO is an analyst's flexible, scalable, customizable partner to make what might currently seem impossible, possible.

Airfield Monitoring
Airfield Monitoring

Discover Deep Data Insights in Key Areas of Interest

With Orbital Insight GO, you can keep an eye on changes and anomalies in areas that are of the utmost importance to national security, including within:

  • Countries
  • Regions
  • Non-state entities
  • Natural and manmade disasters
Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Access with the Utmost Security

Our technical approach seeks to meet geospatial analysts where they are by deploying our GO geospatial analytics platform to secure environments where it can be accessed at an analyst’s classified workstation.

Security Details

  • Designed, tested, and evaluated with secure environment system requirements in mind.
  • An AWS C2S-hosted version is available for classified and air-gapped environments.
  • Infrastructure supports the unique cloud computing needs of the U.S. Intelligence Community.
  • Able to scale to support simultaneous users in classified environments.
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"I wish I would have had access to GO while I was working at DIA. Identifying warnings of events that impact national security is a 'minutes game'."

Former Director, DIA

GO Success Story for Geospatial Intelligence

Challenge: Quantifying foreign military aircraft disposition of forces at scale is costly and time consuming.

Solution: Automates multi-class aircraft detection at scale and run on all available imagery.

Results: In one demonstration project, GO counted 53,974 aircraft in 1 day from 2,469 scenes and 342 areas of interest. It takes a trained analyst on average 7.5 work days to do the same.

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Use Cases

Pattern of Life Analysis

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Use Cases

Land Use and Land Cover Change

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