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GO uses computer vision techniques to detect and classify land use from satellite imagery at scale. Scale your human-led map updates with our AI-driven GIS mapping software.

Actionable Insights from the Most Recent Maps

When it comes to time-sensitive, life-saving, or even competitive advantages, the most frequently updated, accurate changes are absolutely imperative for your geographic information system (GIS). Informing your GIS mapping software with the latest data and physical changes is imperative.

As Earth's infrastructure and environment changes daily, Orbital Insight GO discovers these differences at scale in a way that open-source GIS mapping software systems do not.

For example, for optimized geospatial mapping, the GO land use classification algorithm automatically derives:

  • Building footprints, including clusters of buildings, such as apartment buildings
  • Roads
  • Natural forest
  • Planted forest
  • Mines
  • Water
  • Agriculture and more

Use GO's automation features to facilitate your GIS analysis on an ongoing basis.

This data is used by NGOs, Fortune 500 companies, national governments, and the international development community to study urbanization, conduct large scale land mapping projects, and monitor the drivers of deforestation up to country-wide scale.

GO's latest points of interest and road networks are also used in mobility technology, which powers autonomous vehicles, smart cities, navigation systems, and ride-hailing services.

Quickly and accurately answer questions related to physical change throughout the world with Orbital Insight GO.

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Quote undp

"The building destruction data [around Hurricane Dorian] is very useful and matches closely with destruction [we are] seeing on the ground."

UNDP Crisis Management Bureau

How Customers Leverage GO for GIS Mapping

Customers have used GO for GIS mapping for:

  • Wide area road detection
  • Road map comparisons and differences
  • Flood modeling
  • Disaster relief analysis
  • Post-hurricane monitoring
  • Construction

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