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Customer visitation, true trade area analysis, customer profile: gain an objective reality check on your resources to improve your due diligence efforts.

Many real estate investors, brokers, developers and retailers are still relying on trade areas built with concentric circles to make sense of where visitors are coming from. Unfortunately, this best guess is typically not reflective of the true shape of their market. Incomplete data on site traffic or consumer preferences also forces a reliance on gut instincts rather than hard data all too often.

Orbital Insight’s GO platform allows for bespoke analysis of new sites, existing properties and broader geographic regions to validate the intelligence you’ve collected and make better decisions about your properties. No other real estate location intelligence software is as flexible.

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“In an industry where location strategy is the underlying theme of every decision, Orbital Insight’s GO Property App allows our team to extract deep geographic insights to provide best in class real estate due diligence and research for our clients.“

Julian Adams, GIS Practice Lead

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We believe Orbital Insight has provided our team with a data platform that allows for more precise research analysis.

Esko Korhonen, Managing Partner, FCP

Site Intelligence

Site Intelligence

Analyze foot traffic activity, commuter distance & demographics of known areas of interest (e.g. real estate properties, industrial facilities, etc.) to generate actionable information about commercial properties and identify acquisition targets.

Economic Activity

Economic Activity

Uncover in-migration and out-migration patterns to measure shifts in demographics, consumer preferences and broader economic activity long before data is available from traditional sources.

Answer More Questions to Gain a Competitive Advantage

GO is the PropTech solution for edge-gaining in Comercial Real Estate.

Competitive Advantages

  • What trends have others missed?
  • How does it compare to other properties?
  • How many people visit each day?
  • What is the impact of new tenants & comps?

Investment Advantages

  • Is traffic trending up or down? Why?
  • Can we repurpose space?
  • Could we bring in more relevant tenants?
  • How can I better understand my clientele?

Experiential Advantages

  • Who is coming to this property & from where?
  • Are customers spending more time onsite?
  • What is the cross-shopping amongst tenants?
  • Are events & activations successful?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate investors read news of large migration shifts but had trouble translating these trends into new investment strategies. The research and data analytics group at FCP knew that quantifying these trends could give the firm an edge on new investment opportunities. Using the Orbital Insight GO platform, Vice President Matt Larriva and his team created custom analyses that quantified migration trends to cities in the Sunbelt, supporting investment decisions by the firm with the most up-to-date data available. View Miami Herald new story.

Some example of how our customers are using GO:

  • Multifamily Acquisitions: An opportunity zone investor identifies which neighborhoods are experiencing growing median household incomes.
  • Site Selection: A quick service restaurant operator identifies an entirely new demographic that accounts for half of property traffic.
  • Redevelopment: A REIT analyzes parking utilization with connected car vehicle data and spots redevelopment opportunities.
  • Property Deep Dive: A premier global real estate company measures and analyzes foot traffic at a large multi-use development to assess performance, trends, and movement patterns within the property.
Traffic by work location

If your trade area analysis still uses concentric circles, it might be time to consider a data-driven approach. The census-based approach of location intelligence accurately calculates a true trade area and drive times, and they rarely look like circles.

Anonymized device pings not only count traffic, but also calculate and quantify how far customers are willing to travel to your center.


Greater Net Income

A good investment nets more rental revenues. Orbital Insight GO helps identify the best investment opportunities.

Optimal Site Selection

Position your assets for tomorrow’s market with today’s most recent data.

Benefits Real Estate

Increased Customer Value

Better cater to your market with new customer insights.

Superior Diligence

Select the best assets with data-driven decisions.

Increased Customer Value

Better cater to your market with new customer insights.

Superior Diligence

Select the best assets with data-driven decisions.

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