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State and Local Development

Traffic and congestion, economic development, disaster management: Where do you start?

Leverage Remote Sensing Data for Improved Catchment Area Analysis

Local governments are tasked with significant responsibilities amid budgetary constraints. The result is a loss of economic opportunity, low responsiveness to citizens, slowed infrastructure growth, and even loss of human life in the event of a natural disaster.

With Orbital Insight GO, you can quickly fill in the gaps in data intelligence to more easily understand your impact on the community:

  • Transportation: Public transit, highways, congested thoroughfares, airports, sea ports
  • Real estate: Commercial and residential real estate
  • Social centers: Community development, employment centers, healthcare, parks, and libraries
  • Public Works: Infrastructure, power generation, treatment facilities, and more

Traffic and Congestion

By monitoring dynamic traffic patterns and infrastructure change, local government can more efficiently deploy resources, manage traffic issues, and improve local quality of life.

Orbital Insight GO offers governments a wealth of current and historical data on local traffic and infrastructure, all in one place. By infusing satellite imagery and connected devices with artificial intelligence, governments can:

  • Get an aerial view of 7+ years of car and truck count data, for key intersections, traffic corridors, up to city-wide scale.
  • Assess the impact of construction, new tolls, and public transportation.
  • Prioritize maintenance efforts based on near-real-time traffic flows.
  • Forecast transportation demand by tracking new construction activity from space.
  • Accurately quantify traffic relief on nearby roads after an infrastructure expansion, for example, a new toll road.
  • Plan public transportation using rough home and work locations of commuting populations.
Traffic congestion

Economic Development

In order to meet critical economic development challenges and remain competitive, local governments are turning toward innovative new data sources that are able to economically, efficiently, and accurately exhibit their growth potential.

Satellite and location intelligence helps systematically monitor and manage real estate, infrastructure, and resources. With GO, you can:

  • Highlight growth potential and area trends with 3+ years of fully available historical data.
  • Attract new investment with proof that there is room for growth.
  • Showcase the best of your business district, Opportunity Zone, highway corridor, or any area of interest.
  • Import or draw custom areas of study.
  • View visitor and workforce approximate home location and demographic data.
  • Measure length of stay (dwell time) at a location or area.
  • Cost-effectively compare against other properties, neighborhoods, or Opportunity Zones

With GO, you'll discover opportunities to attract new retail, hospitality, multi-family, industrial, and mixed-use investments for the community.

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Disaster Preparedness and Relief

As natural and manmade disasters unfortunately become more frequent, it is imperative for first responders to have the most accurate and recent view to prepare, categorize damage, and prioritize response.

GIS and Remote Sensing in Disaster Management

The combination of geospatial analysis and machine learning opens up many valuable insights for disaster management. With near-daily coverage from satellite imagery, governments can obtain nearly on-demand updates of building and roads in their area, both immediately before and just days after a disaster event.

Public transit

Decision-makers and first responders are using Orbital Insight GO to:

  • Generate the most current land use maps immediately before, and within days following disaster events
  • Track movement patterns of their populations during preparation, evacuation, and recovery following a disaster event.
  • Understand the impact on local business, infrastructure, and tourist activity.

Orbital Insight GO leverages millions of daily satellite images and connected devices, combined with AI and machine learning, to help identify opportunities and create compelling data and analytics for state and local development success.

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Understanding Multi-Family Trends in Atlanta

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"Orbital Insight is leveraging AWS and ESRI to give policymakers the ability to monitor economic and geopolitical activity using satellite imagery and AI, allowing governments to deploy resources more efficiently.”


Why Leverage GO for State and Local Development

  • Functional Across Departments: Apply flexible geospatial tools to use cases from most departments and sectors.
  • Automated: Traditional techniques include manual monitoring/research, which is expensive and time-consuming to generate. Automate tasks such as weekly, daily, or hourly foot-traffic monitoring.
  • Rich Historical Data: Up to 7 years of immediately accessible historical data enables performance monitoring of past spending and policy decisions.
  • Multi-source Data Access: Analyze an asset using multiple sensors (satellite imagery, connected devices, cars, etc) on one platform

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