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Supply Chain Monitoring

When you know what's going on in the market globally, you're more likely to discover important business opportunities and avoid difficult or costly situations.

Monitor Competitor Activity and Operations

Enable your team to boost revenues and margins more easily by systematically monitoring competitor activity and operations at scale. Discover opportunities to quickly take advantage of production interruptions or arrange for alternative buyers and customers.

For example, with GO, you can track the world's oil refineries, LNG, and petrochemical plants, auto manufacturing centers, mining operations, and tech hardware facilities to know exactly what's happening inside your competitor's walls.

GO leverages AI and remote sensing to illuminate the entire supply chains, from producer to manufacturer to the consumer, including:

  • E&P activities
  • Commodities tracking
  • Refining activity
  • Transportation
  • Retail consumption

Benefits of GO to Supply Chain Monitoring

Orbital Insight GO maps the entire journey of a supply chain; it tracks flows and disruptions at every juncture to deliver real-time insights to investors, traders, and sector analysts so that they can make crucial business decisions and calls.

With GO supporting your supply chain monitoring efforts, you can:

  • Leverage empirical, rather than anecdotal, information, including multi-sensor and historical data to reduce errors
  • Detect supply chain weaknesses upstream and downstream across multiple levels
  • Discover the need for research on a micro-sector, based on a macro-sector tip-off
  • Monitor thousands of locations simultaneously
  • Track the physical attributes of building construction through computer vision and satellite imagery
  • Customize assets by property type (e.g., production/office, warehouse, retail) and use across multiple use cases
  • View the entire infrastructure, including integrated pipelines, ports and waterways, railroads, roadways, and storage facilities

With GO, you'll also achieve a time advantage to help gain an edge in the market.

The Orbital Insight GO Advantage

  • Speed: 24 hours to run; faster than months of implementation or months to collect data via surveys.
  • Scale: Analyze 10 or 10,000 assets with the GO platform.
  • Confidentiality: Access secure and compliant data. Your results are yours to keep.
  • Objectivity: GO platform delivers data, not speculation.
  • Customizability: Run analytics on any asset virtually anywhere in the world.

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