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Data Privacy, Security, and Compliance

Orbital Insight GO sources data from vetted, high-quality suppliers and offers it to our customers securely on a private technology platform.

When you use our services, you trust that we are ethically and responsibly sourcing our data. 

This is a big responsibility that we take seriously. That's why we have extremely high standards and best practices to ensure:

  • Private and Secure Data and Data Platform
  • Quality Suppliers
  • Customer Privacy

Private and Secure Data Platform

Global perspective means looking at the big picture and respecting the privacy rights of individuals.

As such, Orbital Insight does not receive or share personally identifiable information. Insights are derived at an aggregated level and our customers never receive raw data. Our analytical outputs are anonymized and aggregated long before they get to you.

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Quality Suppliers

We find the best data sources and conduct rigorous evaluation to validate potential business partners' data efficacy and ethical standards before engaging. We structure our agreements to ensure that all of our providers meet or exceed the standards set forth by local legislations.

Customer Privacy

The insights you generate are yours and yours alone. Orbital Insight will never let others see the analyses you have run.

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