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Facility Intelligence

Comprehensive visibility at any industrial facility to identify change, mitigate risk and gain operational insights

Objective, transparent and actionable insights for industrial facilities 

Facility Intelligence solution combines multi-source geospatial data and AI-powered analytics to provide comprehensive visibility into any industrial site or activity in your business ecosystem. Whether it is sourcing components from your lower-tier suppliers, identifying anomalies at your production facilities, or tracking your competitor’s facilities, Facility Intelligence can cover every step of the value chain, from processing raw material to final production, shipping, and logistics.

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Supplier Tracing

Visualize movement between suppliers. Mobile GPS, Connected Vehicle

Competitive Intelligence

Learn how competitor’s business is running. Mobile GPS, AIS, Imagery

Anomaly Detection

Understand anomalous activities across the supply chain. Mobile GPS, Connected Vehicle

Facility Monitoring

Monitor Operations

Identify changes on sites, outages, patterns of life with Mobile GPS, Imagery

Shipping Logistics

Monitor material movements around the globe. ADSB, AIS

Port Intelligence

Monitor port activity to identify logistical issues Mobile GPS, AIS, Imagery

"I walk into my command center in the morning and can see where anomalies are in the supply chain. Orbital Insight has built a platform that allows me to bring my supply chain to life, it is a huge advantage to know what needs my immediate attention. With Facility Intelligence, I can find all of this within a single pane of glass and maximize my dollars when dealing with issues and opportunities that drive the bottom line.”

Global Strategy & Planning Leader, Chemical MNC

How our Customers Benefit from our Facility Intelligence solution

  • Identify Anomalies: Identify anomalies in your supply chain to improve production planning and execution 
  • Map Indirect Suppliers: Map indirect suppliers to Identify bottlenecks and improve sourcing strategy
  • Monitor Activity: Monitor production activities, changes, and outages in competitor supply chains and facilities to improve your competitive stance
  • Address Sourcing Challenges: Measure port congestion, truck movements, and material flow to identify supply risk and opportunity
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Use these Capabilities to Your Advantage

  • Anomaly Detection: Identify anomalies at facilities using mobile GPS data
  • Manufacturing Activity: Identify activity levels at a facility using multisource geolocation data
  • Truck Traffic: Determine the level of truck traffic at selected locations
  • Marine Traffic: Monitor specific ships en route with an estimated time of arrival
  • Asset Monitoring: Identify underground water and sewage leaks using L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite imagery
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Get Near-Real Time Answers to Your Questions - Daily

  • Is there an anomalous activity at my lower-tier supplier facility?
  • How bad is the port congestion, and what is the expected arrival time for goods?                                                                                
  • What risks and opportunities exist given current bottlenecks in sourcing?
  • Is there an outage at my competitor's facility?
    Analysis Library Industrial

    From Sensors to Insight

    The Orbital Insight platform pulls information from the world’s sensors— including satellite, cell phone GPS, vehicle GPS, Ship GPS (AIS), Plane GPS (ADS-B) and other IoT devices—to analyze economic, societal, military and defense trends at scale. By fusing multisensor data with the most advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms, we ensure our customers get the most accurate view of what’s happening on and to the Earth, which can be displayed visually or delivered through an API.

    Our ecosystem of satellite partners ensures customers have access to high-resolution imagery anywhere on the planet. The platform leverages Planet’s SkySat constellation and Airbus’ Pleiades for clear, high-resolution global satellite imagery that enhances Facility Intelligence.

    Fans of Orbital Insight Include Leaders at These Companies and Others
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    "How do you historically think about measuring supply chains and the pace of change? You can't. But...we worked with [Orbital Insight] to use three layers of geospatial intelligence to try to frame up our view. And this became something that was really fascinating for us. Something that we called the “time of turnaround.” How quickly do you actually turn around a ship at the port of LA and Long Beach?""

    Michael Tran, Managing Director, Global Energy Strategy x Digital Intelligence Strategy

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