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Geospatial Intelligence Automation: Orbital Insight GO gives geospatial analysts an extra hand in discovering the intelligence they need most on an ongoing basis.

Petabytes of Data: Ready for Your Command

GO contextualizes petabytes of satellite images, mobile location, connected cars, and other IoT data with Artificial Intelligence.

GO then empowers your geospatial analyst by enabling him or her to leverage computer vision and machine learning technologies that automatically process and transform the data to create intelligence for analysts to respond to.

Reviewing all this data manually, on a timely basis, would be impossible.

Tip and Cue to Zero In on Changes

Analysts can leverage a tipping and cueing process to make the automation happen; simply create a trigger with your criteria and area of interest, and determine what should happen next, such as an alert, or automatically cue up a new project to zero in on the change.

Business and policy analysts are now able to mine millions of geospatial data points to identify global trends that would otherwise go undiscovered.

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Automated Feature Extraction

A trained analyst can discover more in less time by leveraging GO Create. An analyst can count and classify more than 50,000 aircraft from thousands of satellite images at 350 airfields across the globe.

In addition, you can get alerts on specific areas of interest such as ports, airfields, and oil refineries to be alerted of shifts in traffic patterns.

Inform Strategic Planning and Policymaking

Imagine the impact on your strategic planning and policymaking when analysts are empowered to do deeper data dives and create richer intelligence. You can achieve continuous monitoring for anomalous activity at scale. GO helps you do just that.

Automated Feature Extraction

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