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Orbital Insight GO provides layered geolocation data and analysis to reveal activity (or a lack thereof) within specific locations on Earth.

Location Intelligence

Gain intelligence and insight to who is shopping where, when plant operations deviate from the norm, whether a supply chain is sourcing responsibly, and more.

What Is Geolocation Data?

Geolocation data reflects the movement and patterns of foot traffic with inherent telemetry-based sensor technology. Mobile devices, such as cellular phones and tablets, are the most commonly used geolocation devices for measuring human foot traffic.

Essentially, geolocation data and corresponding location analytics give us an understanding of how many unique devices are in a given area for a given time.


How Is GO Geolocation Data Different?

Orbital Insight GO leverages geolocation data as one of its sources. Geolocation provides a complementary view to other sensor data such as satellite imagery, which may be more limited in terms of coverage and revisits.

All of our geolocation data is:

  • Sourced from cell phone "pings" of more than 800 million devices globally, which adds up to more than 1.6 billion pings daily.
  • Provided on a daily basis with the ability to report intra-day trends.
  • Reported in an anonymized and aggregated format for security and privacy. You receive consumer trends, not a consumer's private data.
  • GDPR and CCPA compliant. Data comes from aggregators of location-based services apps that cover social, weather, travel, and family-safety and require a user to opt-in.
Geolocation Data
Geolocation Data

The Inherent Difficulty of Dealing with Geolocation Data

Dealing with the raw output of the automated geolocation dataset is its own immense task.

Orbital Insight is optimized to:

  • Remove noise and artifacts from the data while preserving signal.
  • Quickly generate results that require the processing of an immense geolocation dataset.
  • Normalize geolocation data to correct for continuously changing app usage.

Location Analytics

Get location analytics and insight to workforce trends, commercial trade areas, supply chain connectivity, refinery maintenance, demographic analyses, property usage, and more location-based scenarios with GO.

Rengstorff Center Property Report
Rengstorff Center Property Report
Quote restaurant

“We are familiar with other geolocation platforms that look at foot traffic inside buildings, but your ability to draw custom areas outside the restaurants is great for assessing general foot traffic in an area for site selection."

Large U.S. Restaurant Group

Sample Geolocation Uses

With GO, you can:

  • Improve real estate investment and operational decision making based on customer trends and demographics
  • Discover and track upstream providers in your supply chain
  • Monitor facility activity for signs for disruption, for example, refinery outages
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