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Object Detection

Orbital Insight's proprietary deep learning computer vision algorithms make it easier to detect specific objects on the ground during specific periods of time or before and after important or unexpected events.

8.3 Billion Objects Detected and Counting

Keep an eye on what your competitors, suppliers, and even your own far-away operations team are doing with highly accurate, computer vision trained object detection.

With 10 years of historical and ongoing rapid coverage from multiple satellite constellations, you can select an area and a specific period of time to automate the identification of:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Railcars
  • Ships
  • Commercial Aircraft, Bombers, Fighters, Helicopters, Small Aircraft, Other Military Aircraft
  • Armored Fighting Vehicles
  • Housing Units and more
Object Detection

Object Detection Key Benefits

GO takes the manual, tedious part of object detection out of the equation, so you can do what you do best: interpret the data to understand the patterns. This means you can:

  1. Scale data creation so you, the human expert, can spend more time analyzing activities-based intelligence.
  2. Avoid the need to manually wade through thousands of satellite images. Simply get the trends sent to you.
  3. Be notified when anomalous or unusual behavior occurs (also called time series anomaly detection).

How the AI Object Recognition Works

Geospatial analytics can provide definitive clarity for many questions. For example:

  • When do my competitors have manufacturing plant outages that may suggest impending supply shortages in our market?
  • Is a cease-fire actually resulting in fewer military vehicles in an active conflict region?

Orbital Insight GO detects objects by applying our proprietary deep learning computer vision algorithms to scan entire catalogues of commercial satellite imagery. It then returns the type and number of objects for an area of interest.

Computer vision and data science are core competencies of Orbital Insight; the performance of our algorithms is a result of the extensive algorithm training we carry out using large and varied data sets in partnership with our many data providers.

Airfield Monitoring
Airfield Monitoring
Quote the atlantic

"The number of ships docked at a Malaysian port, even the color of a wheat field in western Nebraska, are actually [...] visible indicators of economic activity, not just for a local region but for an entire global industry."

The Atlantic

GO Success Story

Airport Monitoring During the Syrian Civil War

Quantifying patterns of life at international airports reveal national economic and security activity.

Manual satellite imagery analysis can be time consuming and difficult to scale; on the other hand, Orbital Insight's object detection capabilities automatically alert you of critical changes at multiple airports throughout the Middle East.

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Syrian Airport

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