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Orbital Insight TerraScope

Multisensor analytics and real-time location intelligence to enable data-driven decision-making

Democratizing Geospatial Analytics to empower business users 

Geospatial data analysis can reveal patterns, detect change and empower decision-makers with insights to cut costs, reduce risk and identify new revenue opportunities. However, the intelligence gathering process is cumbersome, technically challenging, and requires navigating the complex geolocation data value chain of dozens of diverse data vendors. 

That's why we developed the TerraScope platform - to simplify geospatial analytics so that everybody can benefit from location data. Our mission is to empower decision-makers with insights so that even non-technical users can access data-powered insights. TerraScope democratizes geospatial analytics by removing barriers and making it easy for everyone to benefit from location intelligence.

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“Look, if the world is changing so quickly and markets are moving in such an unprecedented fashion, why are we still trying to solve evolving problems with the same tools and models? Our nowcasting work is really dedicated to helping clients call inflection points in a fast-moving market. Our goal is to provide an additional layer of intelligence into modeling traditional financial markets and Orbital Insight TerraScope makes that possible.”

Michael Tran, Managing Director, Global Energy Strategy x Digital Intelligence Strategy

The TerraScope platform is purpose-built to deliver near-real time insights from location and earth observation data. The platform aggregates data from the world’s sensors, such as satellite, aerial, Mobile GPS, Ship GPS, and IoT devices, and extracts insights using a library of pre-defined analysis. 

The platform enables professionals in GIS, Supply Chain, Finance, and Analytics Leaders in Real Estate and Manufacturing to analyze economic, societal, and environmental trends at scale.

  • Comprehensive, accurate analysis with multi-source sensor data 
  • Analysis library with pre-defined use cases for 
  • Easy to set up and use, global data coverage out of the box 
  • Intuitive UI for visualization, seamless export to ArcGIS 
  • Scalable, whether you want to analyze one or millions of AOIs

From Sensor Data to Insights

TerraScope is designed to streamline geospatial analysis workflows. It brings our curated catalog of the best data sources to ensure accuracy, coverage, and revisit. In addition, our subject matter experts continuously search for new data sources, evaluating their efficacy and negotiating contracts. TerraScope provides everything you need to go from sensor data to insights.

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Geospatial Data Analysis in 3 Steps 

Our AI-powered platform automates the most difficult steps of deriving insights, allowing you to answer many challenging geospatial questions. All you have to do is select the area (Where), analysis type (What), and date range (When). The platform does the heavy lifting to query, clean, and process the data, making historical and real-time analysis instantly available.

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"Leveraging the real-time indicators has been a game changer for achieving our client's unique and rapidly transforming goals."

Julian Adams, Principal, Data Science

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