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Granular visibility, behavior analytics & insights about customers and competitors at any location

Objective, transparent and actionable insights for site selection, competitor & customer intelligence

Site Intelligence provides you with unprecedented visibility in near real-time at a location, within a location, around it, and between locations. Powered by the Orbital Insight platform, Site Intelligence offers deep insights into customer behavior based on the anonymized cell phone and vehicle GPS location data. The solution leverages machine learning to analyze human behavior and business activity. By extracting meaningful insights for any area of interest (AOI), such as an office building, a retail store, or a shopping mall, Site Intelligence empowers you to make better decisions about your business.

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Site Intelligence empowers analysts and decision-makers, property managers, marketers and data scientists to understand changes in visitor behavior at a specific site as well as perform comparisons between several locations

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"Combining this intelligence with our internal data allows us to provide the convenience store industry with unprecedented insight into performance and customer behavior scorecards."

Fred Rozell, President, OPIS

How our Customers Benefit from Site Intelligence

  • Accurate forecast: Build better forecasts with alternative data such as foot traffic and visitor income
  • Monitor performance: Monitor shopping center portfolios trends and benchmark performance
  • Due Diligence on new properties: Analyze performance of acquisition targets or aid development decisions 
  • Optimal site location: Determine optimal locations to open new stores 
  • Visibility into loyalty and competing locations: Develop clear view of customer loyalty, see competitor locations that are frequented by your customers
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Use these Capabilities to Your Advantage

  • Foot Traffic: Count the number of devices observed within your Area of Interest (AOI) over time
  • Traceability: Discover where the devices that visited your AOIs came from and went to
  • Cross AOI: Count device trips between AOIs over time
  • Trade Area: Count the number of devices observed at your AOIs by their home areas over time
  • Work Area: Count the number of devices observed at your AOIs by their work area over time
  • Custom-configure “dwell-time” - Weed out the “drive-bys” from the “walk-ins,” to know how long devices remain within an AOI and get a more accurate and actionable measurement of foot-traffic for any AOI, and between AOIs.
  • Demographics: Use trade area counts to compute weighted average demographics of visitors to your AOIs
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Get Near-Real Time Answers to Your Questions - Daily

  • Is my property healthy compared to similar properties?
  • How long are visitors staying at my site?
  • What is happening around my site?
  • Where do people come and go from my site?
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From Sensors to Insight

The Orbital Insight platform pulls information from the world’s sensors— including satellite, cell phone GPS, vehicle GPS, Ship GPS (AIS), Plane GPS (ADS-B) and other IoT devices—to analyze economic, societal, military and defense trends at scale. By fusing multisensor data with the most advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms, we ensure our customers get the most accurate view of what’s happening on and to the Earth, which can be displayed visually or delivered through an API.

Our ecosystem of satellite partners ensures customers have access to high-resolution imagery anywhere on the planet. The platform leverages Planet’s SkySat constellation and Airbus’ Pleiades for clear, high-resolution global satellite imagery that enhances Site Intelligence.

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"Leveraging the real-time indicators has been a game changer for achieving our client's unique and rapidly transforming goals."

Julian Adams, Principal, Data Science

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