Discover Unique Consumer Patterns

Consumer Industries

Production and consumption drive economies around the globe. We work with customers across:

  • Retail & Wholesale – Vehicle Counts, Traffic Monitoring
  • Import & Export – Asset Estimation
  • Real Estate – Investment Trusts (REITs), Asset Management
  • Transport¬†& Logistics – Supply Chain Monitoring

Orbital Insight helps businesses understand production and consumption patterns across large geographic areas with automated geospatial analytics at scale.

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"When retailers missed their estimates in the last quarter, Orbital Insight already knew about it."

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New Consumer Opportunities

Orbital insight uses artificial intelligence and data science to enable professionals with greater confidence in their investment strategies through relevant geospatial datasets. Learn how we can help you:

  • Improve understanding of site location and traffic density
  • Generate alpha for trading strategies
  • Achieve better visibility for risk management
  • Monitor assets by location
  • Optimize logistics and supply chain routes

Discover how Orbital Insight improves your investment and asset management decisions.