Improve Understanding of Global Energy Resources

Energy & Natural Resources

Energy use is fundamental to human development. As global energy and natural resource markets continue to evolve to meet societal and political demands, energy-related asset and infrastructure expenditures grow exponentially.  We work with customers across:

  • Upstream Oil & Gas – Exploration and Production (E&P)
  • Midstream Oil & Gas – VLCC and ULCC Oil Tanker Shipping, Global Floating Roof Tanks
  • Downstream Oil & Gas – Refineries and Retail Sales
  • Power Generation & Transmission – Power Plants, Transmission Towers, Natural Gas, and Mining
  • Renewable Energy – Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydropower, Biomass

Orbital Insight helps businesses and policymakers understand global energy risk management and asset management across large geographic areas with automated geospatial analytics at scale.


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"Orbital Insight is after 'observational truth.'"

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New Energy Opportunities

Orbital Insight interprets multiple sources of geospatial and terrestrial data to develop advanced analytics for the energy industry. This helps us create a more comprehensive picture of what is happening on the ground. Let’s discuss how we can help you with:

  • Global coverage and capability to monitor emerging markets where inconsistent data exists
  • Regionally aggregated estimates at lower latency than the International Energy Agency (IEA)

Discover how Orbital Insight can help you make better energy risk management and asset management decisions.