Quantify Insurance Risks Globally


Global insurance markets are vast and diverse. We work with clients across:

  • Personal Lines – Underwriting and Renewals
  • Commercial Lines – Building and Roof Detection, and Marine Cargo Lots
  • Catastrophe – Floods, Wildfires, and Hurricanes
  • Index Insurance – Natural Disaster Catastrophic Loss, Floods, and Crop Yields

Orbital Insight helps insurance and reinsurance businesses understand large geographic areas with automated geospatial analytics at scale.

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"Just as Google is organizing the world's information, Orbital Insight is interpreting it."

Bill Coughran - Partner at Sequoia and Orbital Insight board member

<p>Bill Coughran - Partner at Sequoia and Orbital Insight board member</p>
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New Insurance Opportunities

Orbital Insight unlocks new monetization opportunities for insurance and reinsurance providers. Let’s discuss how we can help you to:

  • Improve underwriting models and reduce expenses
  • Achieve better visibility for risk management
  • Access easy-to-use, structured data to drive cross-sell/upsell
  • Enable streamlined renewals through “always on” monitoring of an insurer’s entire book of business
  • Gain a better understanding of emerging markets that have imperfect or inconsistent data
  • Support product development in new markets through geospatial analytics

Discover how Orbital Insight can help you make better insurance management decisions.