Deploy Humanitarian and Environmental Relief Faster

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

At Orbital Insight, our vision is to help increase global transparency of what we’re doing on and to Earth. We work with our clients on:

  • Humanitarian Relief – Poverty Mapping and Refugee Movements
  • Environmental Issues – Deforestation Monitoring and Forecasting, Natural Disaster Response

Orbital Insight helps NGOs understand hyperlocal, local, and large geographic areas with automated geospatial analytics at scale.




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"With more frequent data, we could have a better picture of people moving in and out of poverty, and who really needs assistance in a particular area. This could be a critical tool to better target governmental programs and investments towards those who need them the most, at a much more granular level."

Carlos Rodriguez-Castelan, World Bank Senior Economist and Poverty Global Lead

<p>Carlos Rodriguez-Castelan, World Bank Senior Economist and Poverty Global Lead</p>
Vector Map provided by MapBox

New Opportunities for NGOs

Orbital Insight identifies new opportunities for humanitarian and environmental initiative management. Let’s discuss how we can help you to:

  • Classify land use
  • Conduct supplier due diligence
  • Detect change in people movement and construction
  • Map poverty and developed areas
  • Forecast and monitor deforestation
  • Track supply chains (e.g., Palm Oil)

Orbital Insight partners with leading NGOs around the world to help build a better planet.