Build an Accurate Global View

Public Sector

From high-level strategy to specific initiative support, Orbital Insight accelerates data-driven decisions in the public sector. We work with clients across:

  • Intelligence – Mapping Demographic Shifts (hyperlocal, local, regional, national, global)
  • Defense – Detecting Changes, Objects, and Patterns

Orbital Insight helps public sector decision makers understand large geographic areas with automated geospatial analytics at scale.

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"The number of ships docked at a Malaysian port, even the color of a wheat field in western Nebraska, are actually [...] visible indicators of economic activity, not just for a local region but for an entire global industry."

Satellite Image provided by Digital Globe

Public Sector Opportunities

Understanding patterns of change plays a large role in determining policy impact. Let’s discuss how we can help you to:

  • Track gasoline demand
  • Monitor airports, ports, and railroads
  • Gain insight on commodity stockpiles
  • Forecast agricultural yields
  • Detect new construction of roads, buildings, and runways
  • Measure anomalies in patterns of life

Discover how Orbital Insight can help you make more effective and efficient public sector decisions.