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Orbital Insight Announces Launch of TerraScope Platform To Democratize Geospatial Intelligence

Unveils multi-sensor fusion capabilities, a library of predefined analysis, access to dozens of geolocation data sets for real-time location intelligence

PALO ALTO, Calif., November 29, 2022 / EIN Presswire / -- Orbital Insight, the leader in geospatial intelligence, today announced the launch of TerraScope, a self-serve analytics platform. Designed for automated analysis of phone, car, truck, ship location, and satellite imagery, TerraScope democratizes geospatial intelligence by delivering deep, actionable insights. The platform removes adoption barriers, and makes it easy for non-technical and business users to benefit from location and earth observation data. 

TerraScope is the only platform in the world that can blend computer vision and geolocation sensor data to detect changes, monitor activity, and discover patterns of life at any location. The new platform enhances the existing features of the successful GO platform with many unique capabilities, such as (1) Multisensor data fusion combining location data and satellite imagery for comprehensive insights. (2) A library of predefined analysis for single-click insights, and (3) Massive scalability for analysis on millions of areas of interest (AOI) to operate globally. 

With TerraScope, companies gain near real-time visibility and access to historical trends that allow them to make informed business decisions. The AI-powered platform addresses business pain points in real estate site development, measuring customer loyalty in retail, optimizing supply chains, monitoring industrial facilities, and many more applications. For example, Facility Intelligence can help businesses identify changes at industrial facilities, understand anomalous activities across the supply chain and monitor port activity to identify logistical issues. 

A fundamental problem in the geospatial ecosystem is the wide variety of sensor data. There is no single platform that can process all data types. “TerraScope takes a multisensor approach. We have integrated dozens of complementary global data sets," said Jens Tellefsen, SVP of Product, Marketing, and Data Partnerships. “TerraScope does the heavy lifting from sourcing, data ingestion to processing. Just pick where in the world you want to see, draw an AOI, and select an analysis from our library of predefined analysis for instant insights from foot traffic to ship movement.” 

For example, the digital intelligence team at RBC Capital Markets leverages geospatial intelligence to analyze the supply chain constraints, quantify societal behavior and visualize port congestion. “Look, if the world is changing so quickly and markets are moving in such an unprecedented fashion, why are we still trying to solve evolving problems with the same tools and models? Our nowcasting work is really dedicated to helping clients call inflection points in a fast-moving market," said Michael Tran, Managing Director Global Energy Strategy, Digital Intelligence Strategy. “Our goal is to provide an additional layer of intelligence into modeling traditional financial markets, and Orbital Insight TerraScope makes that possible.”

About Orbital Insight 

Orbital Insight provides geospatial intelligence and location analytics solutions that help organizations understand what's happening on and to the Earth. Customers, including Unilever, RBC Capital Markets, The World Bank, and the U.S. Department of Defense, use Orbital Insight's self-service analytics platform to make smarter business decisions, build sustainable supply chains, and improve national security. For more information, visit