Orbital Insight TerraScope

SaaS Platform for Multi-source Sensor Data Fusion, Analytics and Geospatial Intelligence

TerraScope 1.0 is now generally available

Orbital Insight TerraScope is the most advanced geospatial analytics platform for automated analysis of location data, satellite imagery, and land use change to get deep, actionable real-time insights. It is the only platform that can blend computer vision and geolocation sensor data to detect a change, monitor activity, and discover patterns of life in an area of interest (AOI).  The powerful platform is capable of executing AI-powered analytics, delivering location intelligence anywhere in the world, available as a service:

  • Operate at a massive scale, millions of AOIs in a single project
  • Multiple analyses in one project, add analysis or AOIs to existing project
  • Fast and simple new data source integration
  • Bring your own algorithm

Core Benefits of the TerraScope Platform

TerraScope is a scalable, robust, and high-performance environment for geospatial data analysis. It delivers significant benefits in three key areas:


By reviewing and managing all data in one place, users can

  • Run algorithms developed by Orbital Insight, customers, or 3rd parties (BYOA)
  • Define once and reuse across the organization
  • Customize AOIs, add algorithms, schedules, and workflows
  • Leverage open architecture, APIs and SDK to build new applications
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Enterprise Scaling

Simplifies large geospatial analytical applications across the enterprise

  • Run more AOIs and more algorithms in a single project
  • Ingest additional data types, and customer data, seamless integration
  • Monitor anomalous activities across hundreds of AOIs
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With a 100X improvement, the platform delivers

  • Increased Stability - complete more projects without manual intervention
  • Increased Predictability - know how long a project will take to produce results
  • Increased Visibility - amount of sensor data available at specific AOIs, usage history, credits spent
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Orbital Insight GO, and its successor TerraScope, is an immensely scalable, robust, and high-performance platform for geospatial data analysis and offers solutions with significant benefits to decision-makers in key industry verticals:

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