Our Predictions on PropTech for 2020

For anyone who has attended ICSC, the retail real estate trade show where 30,000 brokers, landlords, vendors, tenants, and lenders meet around the theme of deal-making, you’ll know that it can be an exercise in time and energy management. In fact, Ten-X even wrote a blog post on the topic of how to survive the show.


Above: “PropTech” is one of the top software category keywords on Exploding Topics. Source: https://explodingtopics.com/topic/proptech

Orbital Insight data

Above: Orbital Insight ingests, interprets, and analyzes multiple geospatial data sources as opposed to single source alternatives.

foot traffic trends

Above: Orbital Insight’s property analyses report data in an aggregated and anonymized format, yielding depth of insight and respecting consumer privacy.

trade area analysis

Above: Orbital Insight helps all commercial real estate stakeholders with objective, transparent, and timely data.

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