Understanding the world, one trillion pixels at a time

Orbital Insight transforms images from space into actionable insights. Satellite images can help us answer complex questions with local and global specificity.

How much merchandise will Target sell this quarter? How do insurance companies assess homes to determine the right policy? Which city intersections are busiest during rush hour? How much crude oil is available globally? What is the current state of China’s economy? Are companies sticking to their commitment to combat deforestation?

What don’t you know? We can find answers.

SPOT 6 Satellite Image - Doha, Qatar

Our Process

We are building a geoanalytics platform for ingesting, processing, classifying, and analyzing all types of geospatial data at massive scale. The signals we produce form the foundation for unprecedented insights about global trends.


Orbital Insight partners with the world’s leading providers of satellite imagery to gain comprehensive photographic coverage of the earth’s surface. As the cost to launch satellites continues to decrease and coverage rates explode, our partners will cover more of the globe, more frequently, allowing Orbital Insight to provide a more accurate picture of trends.

Deep Learning

Our world-class deep learning algorithms recognize objects, features, and patterns within images, generating highly intelligent and revealing data. Deep learning allows us to explore new patterns that were previously too large and disparate for manual examination.

Cloud Computing

Our data pipeline takes advantage of cloud computing to process tens of thousands of pixels every second. A few years ago, even a modest problem required comprehensive in-house computing power. With computing moving to the cloud, the very hard problems have become tractable. All we need is a laptop.

Data Science

Satellite observations turn pixels into numbers, but require translation and context before they become actionable data. Orbital Insight’s advanced data science techniques normalize and contextualize observations to best suit each client’s needs.

Customer-Driven Solutions

Our projects center on our customers. Innovative decision makers across all industries come to us with their questions. We gather relevant datasets and develop a customized application. Our customers are our partners in development; we invest in them long term.

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Satellite Image Spot5 2.5m Copenhague Denmark


Observing the Earth to monitor physical environments has been crucial to understanding human impact on the planet for thousands of years. Orbital Insight uses the world's sensors to track abstract trends and phenomena that can’t be perceived at human scale.


Tracking forests and field from the sky can anticipate crop shortages, predict deforestation, indicate poverty, and help settle insurance claims.

Global Water Reserves

Monitoring the water levels of key bodies around the world can help us better prepare for shortages.

Car Counting

Revealing sales trends of major U.S. retail chains in real time through the number of cars in parking lots.

Oil Inventory

Analyzing shadows on floating lids of oil tanks around the world can unveil how much oil is truly available.

Building Construction

Providing independent data about China's economy through building shadows and construction rates.

Poverty Mapping

Providing an additional layer of insight about development in areas where poverty prevails and data is lacking.

Why Now?

There's an insatiable hunger for knowledge and data in our ever-connected world.

Innovators on Wall Street are always looking for alternative data sources. Nonprofit organizations would like more accurate indicators of poverty, natural disasters, and illegal deforestation. And global policy makers are interested in independent third-party insights without an agenda.

Three technological paths come together to make Orbital Insight’s work possible. Deep learning is a mature field attracting brilliant programmers. Cloud computing power is easily accessible through third party vendors. And the commercialization of space means that millions of intricate images are beaming down from above from hundreds of different sources. Orbital Insight was founded to make sense of them all.

Source: DigitalGlobe Inc.

Development Partnerships

We partner with innovative industry leaders to support new achievements for business, government, and nonprofit organizations. Learn more about how you can apply your expertise to Orbital Insight’s data.

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