Predicting U.S. Crop Yield

  • Orbital Insight Corn Yield Forecast as of August 8th, 2018
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  • 172.2 Bushels/acre
  • Orbital Insight releases a free weekly national corn yield forecast directly from its Agriculture product

    Orbital Insight Agriculture subscribers receive daily updates with state and county forecasts.

Orbital Insight Agriculture

Predictive Crop Yield Analytics at Scale

Orbital Insight Agriculture forecasts U.S. corn production, providing traders with accurate crop yield estimates weeks before World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) are published.

We monitor expected crop yield through merging rich satellite, weather, and historical data in real-time to produce investment-grade insights. Our algorithms provide county, state, and national yield predictions so you can understand agricultural supply earlier prior to market-moving events.

With Orbital Insight Agriculture, you’ll benefit from:

  • Daily yield forecasts for U.S. corn
  • Agronomic data for in-house modeling
  • Access to our proprietary cloud-based platform

Identify drought and bumper conditions to navigate commodity market volatility. Orbital Insight Agriculture is edge-gaining technology for superior hedging and speculating for agricultural commodity trading.

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Orbital Insight lets clients know how corn crops are looking in advance of official announcements.

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U.S. Corn Yield Estimates by State

Iowa Soy Estimate by County

Orbital Insight Agriculture Balance Sheet

Product Capabilities

  • Predict U.S. corn yield on a daily cadence
  • Estimate agricultural supply weeks before U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reporting
  • Granular data at county, state, and national levels

High-Accuracy Forecasting

  • Satellite imagery
  • Weather conditions
  • Historical performance

Agronomic Features

  • U.S. Corn yield predictors
  • Agricultural modeling tools
  • Raw data for general growth crops