Customized Insights for Your Organization

Creative Data Science Applied to New Challenges

Orbital Insight builds customized geospatial solutions for organizations seeking to solve difficult challenges. We’ve worked with customers across industries to build insights that help them manage their capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenditures (OPEX) better. The following list illustrates some of theĀ use cases we’ve developed:

  • Auto import/export lots
  • Auto manufacturing rates
  • Car counts at unemployment centers
  • Coal mining activity
  • Commercial border crossing activity
  • Commodity stockpile monitoring
  • Factory shutdowns
  • Hotel occupancy
  • Lithium exploration site activity
  • New home starts
  • Pipeline development
  • Power plant activity
  • Railway/highway tonnage
  • Ship building
  • Urban construction rates
  • Vehicles at parcel distribution centers

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“Orbital Insight designed computer systems to mine mountains of satellite imagery for indications of the future. It analyzes corn fields to predict annual crops, parking lots of retailers to forecast earnings, and shadows cast by buildings in China to gauge the rate of construction.”

The Wall Street Journal