Providing Transparency for the World's Oil Storage

Orbital Insight Energy

The First Global View and Analysis of Oil Storage

Orbital Insight Energy is the only global and daily view into floating roof tank storage for the petroleum industry. It monitors all of the top oil storage regions in the world including OPEC, China, USA and EMEA which results in coverage of over 5 billion barrels of crude storage capacity worldwide by tank and region. Using artificial intelligence and data science, Orbital Insight provides the most comprehensive and consistent crude stock estimates in the world.

With Orbital Insight, you’ll benefit from:

  • Ability to trade ahead of government & commercial statistics
  • Gain insight into opaque markets such as OPEC & China
  • Easily identify anomalies to pinpoint potential risks
  • More informed policymaking using observational truth
  • Aggregate estimates of oil storage tanks (global, national, regional)

When it comes to the world’s most-traded commodity, accurate and current information is critical. Oil supply affects multiple industries, from finance and retail to governments and NGOs. Drive better business and policy decisions with Orbital Insight.

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“U.S. geospatial analytics company Orbital Insight has been using a form of artificial intelligence to analyze satellite images and identify and quantify crude oil storage tanks.”

Intuitive Dashboards

In-depth visibility across multiple workflows.

Advanced Analytics

Complex geospatial data into easy-to-use tools.

Data Visualization

Derive insight anywhere, anytime on Earth.

Identification and Counting

Machine learning, computer vision, and data science at scale.

Mapping the Earth

  • Global
  • USA
  • China
  • OECD Europe
  • OECD Asia
  • OECD Americas
  • OPEC

Proven Results

  • Correlates with U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) results
  • Available 2-3 days before EIA results releases