Advanced Consumer Insights

Orbital Insight Consumer

Orbital Insight Consumer enables buy side investors and corporate stakeholders to access timely, objective foot traffic data through multiple sources of geospatial analytics. The product delivers fundamental consumer traffic data covering 300,000 retail locations, as well as granular mall analytics across 3,300 key U.S. shopping centers.

Retail Traffic

Consumer - Retail Traffic
Orbital Insight Consumer Retail Traffic gives you access to daily traffic analytics, derived from satellite imagery analysis persistently monitoring over 260,000 parking lots.

  • Daily views of consumer traffic as a proxy to same-store sales and revenue ahead of earnings calls sources and sell-side research.
  • Obtain over 5 years of historical trends, monitoring annual and quarterly change for greater revenue decomposition and back-testing.
  • Objectively understand traffic trends across market cap, thematic baskets, geographic footprint, and 80 individual tickers.


Mall Traffic

Consumer - Mall Traffic
Orbital Insight Consumer Mall Traffic gives equity investors, credit stakeholders, and property owners both top-down and bottom-up analyses to gain greater context into commercial real estate (CRE) portfolio and asset-level performance.

  • Obtain multiple geospatial datasets to understand U.S. Mall and Shopping Center REIT KPIs such as NOI, Rent Revenue growth, occupancy, and tenant sales per square foot prior to earnings calls and sell side research.
  • Access property-level granular foot traffic, sourced from millions of GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth signals daily.
  • Identify retail real estate trends through segmentation by REIT, geography, mall grade, debt instrument, and individual properties.


Product Delivery

Orbital Insight lets you access the entire planet from anywhere on Earth through our cloud-based software. Users have the option to download datasets on the Bloomberg Terminal, our web app or access it via RESTful APIs.

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Orbital Insight Consumer lets you visualize macro retail trends with granularity available at the property level.

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