Go Create

GO Create is the data studio where a customer can specify what to count and measure, where and over what period of time.

The product leverages Orbital Insight’s suite of computer vision and data science algorithms to detect baseline and anomalous activity, alerting the user and automatically cueing follow-up observations.

Whether you’re monitoring the inventory of a Tesla assembly plant or the entire building footprint of Egypt, GO Create supports questions from hyperlocal queries to those on a global scale.

Above: Orbital Insight’s car counting algorithm detects and quantifies cars across the entire city of Addis Ababa

Multi-Source Intelligence

GO Create leverages multiple remote sensing capabilities to transform imagery and IOT signals into analytics. Track relevant changes in:

  • Objects: Multiclass aircraft, cars, railcars, trucks, housing and ships
  • Land Use: Buildings, roads, forest, water, agriculture, parking lots, mining, golf courses
  • Geolocation: Aggregated and anonymized daily foot traffic and demographic trend

Above: GO persistently monitors foot traffic trends at Legoland CA, identifying long term seasonal trends and daily fluctuations

Persistent Monitoring

GO Create supports both historical and ongoing monitoring capabilities to derive historical baseline trends and anomalous activity.

  • Historical Coverage: Contextualize millions of geospatial data points to generate long term trends
  • High Cadence Analytics: Access the market’s latest basemaps and foot traffic
  • Automation Features: Configure automated alerts and cue follow-up projects

Above: GO Create supports trend analysis and anomaly detection on a global scale, tracking over 300 airfields in countries of interest

Global Coverage

GO Create gives customers access to the world’s remote sensing technologies to produce geospatial analytics in your Area of Interest (AOI).

  • AOI Catalog: Scale your project creation with Orbital Insight’s curated database of geofences
  • Hand Drawn Geofences: Easily create a customized polygon for specific location monitoring
  • KML Upload: Upload custom shapefiles directly to your project for immediate analysis