Providing Transparency for the World's Oil Storage

  • Global Geospatial
    Oil Inventory Index
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  • April 2019 Estimate: 3,100mm
  • Monthly Change: +55.2mm
  • April 2018 Estimate: 3,009.2mm
  • Yearly Change: +90.8mm
  • Global Geospatial Oil Index

    The Global Geospatial Oil Index provides an objective, unprecedented view of the world’s most traded commodity. It is available on a 2-month lagged basis.

    Orbital Insight Energy subscribers receive daily updates with detailed regional and country values.

Orbital Insight Energy

The only daily, comprehensive, and objective view into the energy industry. Monitor upstream, midstream and downstream oil production, storage, and refining using geospatial data sources like satellite imagery.

Oil Storage

Orbital Insight Energy, Oil Storage, gives you access to daily global and regional crude oil volume estimates, monitoring over 5 billion barrels of oil storage capacity across more than 25,000 tanks. Orbital Insight Oil Storage provides one methodology by which to compare worldwide and regional inventories.

  • Timely: Orbital Insight provides current and up-to-date data versus lagging reports, up to 30-60 days ahead.
  • Objective: Official reports and other data providers are often lagged and biased. Orbital Insight uses an empirical measurement technique to deliver a consistent a reliable storage number.
  • Comprehensive: Orbital Insight provides more comprehensive and granular data than other point data sources that cover only a few regions.

“Orbital Insight is now providing a timely and reliable estimate of global oil inventories – including those outside the U.S. which account for 80% of world oil stocks. That’s critical data, hitherto unavailable, which is essential to anyone trying to understand the oil market.”

– Andrew Hall, Famed Oil Trader

Source: Fredrik Fosse, Energy Aspects

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Key Regions Covered

  • Global
  • OPEC
  • USA
  • China
  • OECD Regions

Tank Owners Covered

  • American Midstream Partners, Andeavor, Shell Oil Company, ExxonMobil, Saudi Refining Inc., & many more

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