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Your portfolio is only as good as the data informing your diligence. Orbital Insight supports commercial real estate value creation with the best possible information. We are the only company aggregating multiple sources of intelligence—including satellite, geolocation, and connected cars—to provide accurate, economical, and scalable insights. Partner for the long term with Orbital Insight to conduct the best possible diligence, site selection, and acquisitions supported by empirical geospatial data.

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Gain a real-time pulse on property visitation

Orbital Insight helps retailers, multi-family investors, industrial asset owners, landlords, brokers, and other consulting firms generate novel insights ahead of municipal filings, traffic studies, and crowdsourced data with transparent and timely geospatial analytics. With Orbital Insight GO, real estate investors gain a decisive edge with the most recent market share trends, live trade areas, deeper understanding of site characteristics and property clientele.

Property Analyses

Gain an accurate and empirical measurement of property foot traffic and overall market share for any area of interest. Orbital Insight GO’s geospatial platform allows for easy self-selection of geographies to monitor—whether you’re interested in your portfolio, your comps, the MSA, or nearby streets and new infrastructure. Orbital Insight leverages millions of daily anonymized and aggregated cellphone “pings” and satellite images to analyze property activity accurately and efficiently. With GO, real estate investors benefit from:

  • Daily Customer Visitation – Gain an objective understanding of property health with visitation, market share, and customer loyalty analytics.
  • True Trade Areas – Model trade areas based on actual customer visitation rather than arbitrary fixed radial rings. Visualize traffic routes, travel distances, and home/work locations down to the census block level.
  • Demographic Analyses – Create a “hyperlocal census” to create a truly representative customer profile to better market to clientele.

Market and Infrastructure Monitoring

Access a 30,000 foot view to capture previously inaccessible insights. Orbital Insight GO’s “One-Stop-Shop” approach to geospatial data creates the most holistic and recent picture of infrastructure development, giving real estate investors the best possible intelligence for their site selection. Orbital Insight GO customers benefit from:

  • Residential Housing Growth – Track the latest housing development patterns in a census-approach to monitor new developments as they are built and completed.
  • Infrastructure Change – Understand the implications of new roads and infrastructure on your portfolio as traffic patterns change in real-time.
  • Opportunity Zone Monitoring – Identify potential investment opportunities at scale, monitoring inflows/outflows and development patterns at over 8,000 U.S. Opportunity Zones.

Analytics Where and When You Want Them

Orbital Insight GO’s easy-to-use platform makes geospatial data quick, efficient, and economical. Our product makes self-selection of your areas of interest highly customizable and actionable to deploy automated monitoring. While most data sources lock you into an address-based view, Orbital Insight GO provides accurate location intelligence when and where you need it. Data are accessible through our Web-based platform, property reports, and API for exporting into your desired workflow.


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