Monitoring U.S. Refining Capacity

Orbital Insight tracks daily refinery activity to accurately identify the start and end of plant maintenance. Using geolocation data, traders gain critical supply data faster than any market alternative.

Orbital Insight Refineries

How commodities traders benefit from Orbital Insight Refineries data:

Orbital Insight Refineries
  • Objectivity – Detect anomalous staffing changes in over 15.5 million barrels, representing 85% of U.S. Refinery Capacity.
  • Transparency – Access a consistent and quantifiable methodology that sweeps the entire U.S. on a granular plant level.
  • Speed – Receive alerts on maintenance activity changes 2-3 days before existing services to refine supply and demand models with confidence.

Actionable Intelligence

Orbital Insight hand draws polygon boundaries around refinery assets to establish “normal” and anomalous staffing levels.

Energy subject matter experts and a world-class computer vision team hand-mark our geofencing to extract the most accurate commercial signal.

Through data science normalization, Orbital Insight translates raw geolocation data into actionable intelligence to cover and detect anomalous staffing in 85% of U.S. Refining Capacity.

Detect Unreported Maintenance

Private information sources report on planned outages, however, unplanned, delayed or earlier-than-expected turnarounds can cause local supply disruptions and temporary price surges. Orbital Insight’s proprietary algorithms allow commodities traders to understand planned and unplanned outage dates with accurate measurement of staffing levels. While other companies provide lagged intelligence, Orbital Insight customers are able to update supply-demand models and detect previously unknown maintenance forecasts.