Advanced Geospatial Analytics at Scale

GO combines the world’s sensors with Orbital Insight’s proprietary computer vision and machine learning algorithms. The platform allows users to detect and quantify economic and geopolitical activity anywhere in the world.

Unprecedented Insight Into Any Physical Location

GO is an advanced geospatial analytics SaaS tool that brings OI-curated data feeds to the user, as well as the ability to create their own. Count, measure and classify objects and/or land characterization anywhere in the world, persistently monitor these, and be notified of relevant changes. GO leverages multiple types of geospatial data to support large scale automated monitoring.

High Cadence Foot Traffic

Access daily foot traffic and key demographic trends, anonymously aggregated from billions of cell phone geolocation “pings”. GO equips customers with daily foot traffic measurements to create actionable signals for their fundamental and quantitative analyses.

  • Continuously monitor supply chain risk through changes in workforce activity
  • Track consumer trends within a portfolio of consumer discretionary and consumer staples securities
  • Overlay GIS tools with demographic, dwell time, and trade-area data, for real estate acquisitions due diligence

Land Use Classification

Classify and detect land use changes near real-time. Orbital Insight GO customers can access the most recent road and building footprints to update their foundational data using high-cadence satellite observations paired with best-in-class computer vision.

  • Classify land use at scale: Buildings, roads, forest, water, agriculture and others
  • Deploy intelligence resources more effectively to support national security and disaster relief decision making
  • Monitor construction at areas of commercial interest ranging from mining assets to national infrastructure projects

Object Detection

Translate petabytes of raw imagery from multiple remote sensing platforms into automated geospatial intelligence. Orbital Insight GO’s computer vision and machine learning algorithms create baseline pattern-of-life analyses and alerts customers of anomalies.

  • Detect and quantify multiclass aircraft, cars, railcars, trucks, housing and ships with high precision
  • Define your criteria to trigger alerts and automatically cue follow-up projects
  • Accurately detect and quantify activities at more AOIs on a global scale

GO Create

The data studio where you specify what to count and measure, where and over what period of time.

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