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Tracking the Coronavirus: Auto Plant Restarts

Orbital Insight has been closely monitoring US and international auto production, plant by plant, to help investors quantify the economic impact of COVID-19 on the autos sector and recovery by geography and brand.

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Signs of Life at China's Belt and Road in Laos

In the last week of April, Orbital Insight observed a 65% week-on-week surge in activity at Boten, indicating a resumption of construction activity in the Boten SEZ. While the activity levels are not as high as what Orbital Insight observed in October 2019, it represents a return to pre-COVID levels as engineers and construction workers return to Boten.

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Tracking the Coronavirus — Part One: Chinese Energy Trends

Since we woke up to the sheer disruption of life and travel in China from the coronavirus, the one question that remains unsatisfactorily answered is what is the actual impact on energy from the pandemic.

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