How to Use GO

How will Orbital Insight GO work for you and your analysts? Here's a brief overview of what to expect once you securely log in from your office.

Creating a GO Project

Empower Your Analysts with Near-Real-Time Geospatial Data from Multiple Sources

Orbital Insight GO puts our proprietary geospatial analytics tool directly in your analysts hands. Access our API and get answers to your questions and validate your data more rapidly in a secure and private environment.

Once you log in to GO, your analysts are able to leverage:

  • Historical, current, and ongoing monitoring
  • Multiple visualization techniques
  • Heatmapping for granular Area of Interest (AOI) analysis

By combining project results from Orbital Insight GO as well as your own data and analyzing the results in one place, you can substantially reduce your time to insight.

How GO Works for You

1) Select WHERE your area of interest anywhere throughout the world.

GO support insights on a country-level geographic scale and down to as small as a real estate parcel. Scale to thousands of locations by searching through our catalog of locations, uploading your KMLs/shapefiles, or hand-drawing your own geofences that only you will own.

2) Select WHAT it is you would like to monitor.

Our state of the art algorithms detect and quantify traffic patterns from cars, trucks, railcars, aircraft, vessels, changes in land use, foot traffic, and more. Combine data types to yield insights, confirm hypotheses, or raise red flags. Layering different types of data from multiple sources of geospatial data is so much more meaningful and valuable than accessing any single data source

3) Select WHEN you'd like to apply your search. 

Go back in time with years of historical activity, see the latest trends, and/or achieve ongoing monitoring to automatically keep tabs on the area and be alerted to change.

The output is an easily digestible trend analysis in a time series that you can view in our SaaS platform, share with your colleagues, or export to your desired workflow.

GO Deeper

For those who work in Python, you can access structured data and take advantage of advanced functionality like geospatial visualizations, project combination, and manipulation of structured data.

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