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Michael Tran
Michael Tran, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets | Global Energy Strategy x Digital Intelligence Strategy
Kevin O Brien Color Square Headshot
Kevin O'Brien, CEO, Orbital Insight
Vanessa Allen headshot sq
Vanessa Allen, Sr Mgr Marketing, Orbital Insight

45 minutes

“Let's forget forecasting. It's all about nowcasting, and understanding what's happening on the ground floor, in real time.” Michael Tran
Using Alternative Data to Get Real-Time Business Insights

Register now to learn how Michael Tran and his Digital Intelligence Strategy team at RBC Capital Markets research their bold but data-driven insights, navigating today’s murky market dynamics with alternative data. Joining him in this conversation, Kevin O’Brien shares several use cases for alternative data across many business sectors. 

Topics covered in the presentation: 

  • What is a “nowcast” vs a forecast, and why it matters 
  • Why traditional sources of data are being disrupted 
  • Leading with conviction based on data, rather than assumptions 
  • Case studies from RBC Capital Markets' Digital Intelligence Strategy research 

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