World Oil Storage Index

Continuous monitoring of global crude oil inventories

Who needs our help?
Recent technological development and turmoil in world oil markets have caused uncertainty like never before. Poor and delayed estimates for global supply have further exacerbated the recent price collapse, and the companies that rely on it. Energy companies, governments, and quantitative and fundamental investors all benefit from the transparency that Orbital Insight’s World Oil Storage Index provides.

Tracking over 20,000 storage tanks in 800+ tank farms around the world
Orbital Insight uses proprietary convolutional neural networks to scan the globe for tanks not contained in public records to create the world’s leading, dynamic database of crude oil storage tanks, including location, size and construction/deconstruction.

Orbital Insight’s shadow-detection algorithms continuously monitors global oil storage and produces daily-updated estimates of individual tank volumes which can be aggregated into national, regional and global oil inventory numbers with a 24-hour lag through Orbital Insight’s API.

Orbital Insight makes use of best-in-class data science and advanced statistical methods to yield the clearest intelligence possible of crude oil storage volumes.

Partnerships will all major satellite providers enables maximal coverage of worldwide oil tanks and the ability to measure crude oil volumes in regions where there is little, untrusted or no data such as China, India, Nigeria and Brazil.

National or Regionally Aggregated Estimates Conducted at Lower Latency than the IEA Surveys

OECD reporting regions: Americas, Europe, Asia Oceania

Non-OECD reporting regions: FSU, Europe, China, Other Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa

Daily inventory numbers to be supplemented by official estimates of IEA numbers published 2-4 weeks before survey data is released.

Source: DigitalGlobe Inc.

OI estimate of total US oil volume

World Oil Storage Index – Available Datasets

US Oil Storage Backtest Data – Measuring crude oil storage in US tank farms.

Regional Breakdown: National, Cushing, PADD 1, PADD 2, PADD 3, PADD4, and PADD5.

Single tank, observation-level datasets also available upon request.

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