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Pre-Crisis Car Count

Tracking the Coronavirus — Part Four: China’s Signs of Recovery

In a multi-part series, Orbital Insight brings you on-the-ground truth on how businesses, industries, and markets across the world are impacted by the coronavirus contagion. China’s economy was devastated by the novel coronavirus outbreak in the first two months of the year, according to retail sales/industrial output/fixed asset investments data reported by CNN, and analysts say […]

Tracking the Coronavirus — Part Two: Air Travel in China & Asia

In a multi-part series, Orbital Insight brings you on-the-ground truth on how businesses, industries and markets across the world are impacted by the coronavirus contagion. Orbital Insight’s GO Will Show as More Flights Disappear… and Return Thousands of flights that used to crisscross the airspace in China and its region have vanished in a matter […]

Building Footprint Comparison in Cambodia: Orbital Insight and OpenStreetMap

Azavea and Orbital Insight are proud to announce the release of a map that shows the difference between two building footprint datasets that cover all of Cambodia: (1) building footprints from OpenStreetMap (OSM) and (2) building footprints generated by Orbital Insight’s artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) analysis of satellite imagery. View the building footprint comparison. The technical […]

GO Analysis Reduces the Time to Insight

You’ve probably seen some of our blog posts in 2019, ranging from the destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian to new toll roads opening in Texas. You may have also asked: How can I conduct similar research myself? Now you can, with the “Analysis” button in the top right corner of your GO account. In our recent 2019 […]

Orbital Insight’s 2019 Recap & Our Promise for 2020

Orbital Insight’s 2019 Recap & Our Promise for 2020 Like any year, 2019 was filled with major events, including natural disasters like Hurricane Dorian and the devastation of the Bahamas; terror attacks such as the Houthi raid on Saudi oil facilities and the brief tightening of oil supplies from that; political high-drama like the U.S. […]

Using GO To Drive Site Selection For Gas Stations

Site selection is the most fundamental aspect of a new gas station. While the best advice on design, build, operation and safety are often available to the new owner, there is very little ground truth in how the actual gas demand may be. This is a challenge not just for pump owners but also for […]

Orbital Insight GO Tracks America’s Fuel and Petrochemical Supply Chain

The U.S. midstream infrastructure for hydrocarbons — involving a web of integrated pipelines, ports and waterways, railroads, roadways and storage facilities — is essential for moving America’s energy supplies and products along the supply chain from producer to manufacturer to the consumer. Orbital Insight’s GO now maps the entire journey of America’s fuel and petroleum […]

How Big Data Identified Where the Next Lowe’s Should Go

In short, by using location intelligence paired with market share, trade area, and demographic analyses, we identified these Home Depot locations as ripe for Lowe’s to cannibalize (in order of best opportunity identified by our algorithm): 2450 Cumberland Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA 30339 3401 Oakwood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020 6880 W Bell Rd, Glendale, AZ […]

Global Real Estate Trends: Asian Malls & Hospitality

GO Highlights Global Parallels In Realty & Retail The American Dream is finally here. But it took its developers more than 15 years to realize their dream of bringing the best of shopping and fun to the Western Hemisphere’s largest theme park mall in New Jersey. New retail complexes keep popping up across the United States, even […]

Using Mobile Phone Geolocation Data to Understand Lower-Income Areas in Cairo

To download the report, click HERE. At Orbital Insight, our mission is to understand what is happening on and to the Earth. We’ve long focused on monitoring change in the built world, for example, building destruction in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian or the expansion of industrial-scale oil palm plantations contributing to deforestation in Southeast Asia. Leveraging mobile […]

GO Shows Traffic Ramp-Up On New Texas Toll Road & Potential Realty Impact

“Build a new highway and rooftops will surely follow.” The Urban Land Institute notes that the correlation between the advent of the interstate highway system and mushrooming of realty projects has made the aforecited saying a universal truth. What the institute wonders, however, is: how much of this truth applies to tolled highways? While toll […]

Texas Solar Farm: A Visual Of Project Interdependency At Work

GO’s Foot Traffic, Computer Vision Show Activity Ramp-Up Before $400mm Deal For Phoebe Solar Plant No project is an island unto itself. Most projects depend on other interconnected efforts or initiatives to deliver enabling capabilities that result in their success. Likewise, projects that have “made it” contribute enabling capabilities of their own to newer and […]

New Infrastructure’s Impact On Retail and Commerce

Our roads, bridges, mass transit systems, air and sea ports, and water infrastructure are critical national assets that drive growth, jobs, and economic health. When our infrastructure ages it prompts debate on government spending. When our economic rivals invest in infrastructure it elicits fear. Orbital Insight GO shows there are as many stories under and […]

Tracking Activity at the 2022 World Cup Stadium Sites in Qatar

Qatar’s World Cup stadiums have received a lot of publicity ranging from the innovative cooling technology to the deaths of migrant workers due to labor conditions at the stadium construction sites. Additional controversies include the FIFA debate over adding an additional host country to mitigate the negative publicity associated with the 2020 World Cup or […]

Bluer Oceans with Geospatial Trade Area

Deriving the True Trade Area Trade area modeling allows retailers and property owners to better select sites and forecast retail revenues by understanding real-time site characteristics such as the ‘draw’ of a center. Fixed radial trade areas based on government demographics are often outdated and do not represent actual patterns or customer bases. A Commercial Observer […]

Popeyes Digital Marketing: Connecting the Clicks to Brick

Have you tried Popeyes new chicken sandwich yet? Launched in August, the latest product was all the rage: serving New Orleans style fried chicken on a delicious buttery toasted brioche bun. At first, the launch was successful, that is until their supply ran out. Earlier in September, one customer was infamously upset, pulling out a […]

Lackluster Traffic at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Background Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a themed area inspired by the Star Wars universe, located in Disneyland Park at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Each highly anticipated location opened this year on May 31 and August 29 respectively, with lackluster […]

Calculating Supply Chain Disruptions: Pacific Textiles & Crystal Internal Group

Background In April 2017, approximately two hundred residents of Hai Duong City, Vietnam blockaded the Pacific Crystal textile factory that polluted local water supplies, vowing to continue protests until the company ceased operations and moved from the area. The factory, co-owned by Pacific Textiles (1328 HK) and Crystal International Group (2232 HK), was producing clothing […]

Hong Kong — The Impact of Major Protests on Business

Hong Kong is now in its 108th day of protests, experiencing a period of turmoil as growing tensions among protestors, police, and politicians exacerbate. As the protests have escalated and US-Chinese trade tensions built over the summer months, retail sales have declined and consumer spending has decreased. To understand the effects on the economy, both […]

Dorian’s Destruction of the Bahamas seen by Orbital Insight via ESRI

Dorian’s destruction of the Bahamas seen by Orbital Insight via ESRI As the world continues to vacillate over the exact devastation to the Bahamas from Hurricane Dorian, Orbital Insight’s land use classification algorithm and pre- and post-storm imagery shows the destruction of buildings in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, right down to individual structures. To […]

Using GO to Observe the Operational Status of Suspected Chinese “re-education” Camps

Challenge Trying to understand trends in the construction rates and operational status of specific facilities in non-permissive environments can be time-consuming and difficult. other than having on the ground intelligence, satellite imagery may be used to explore these challenges. However, imagery still requires a human analyst to sift through imagery and identify additional construction manually […]

Understanding Development Trends through Updated Parcel Data

Understanding Development Trends through Updated Parcel Data Combining Orbital Insight land use and open-source parcel data helps identify outdated parcel data or unregistered property A 3-step process to create land use maps, intersect against parcel boundaries, and conduct analysis is cost effective and may be completed in a matter of days. Governments require an up-to-date […]