Use Cases

How Organizations and Governments Are Getting Ahead with GO

Spatial Data Analysis

Our clients forecast competitor outages, verify land use, detect threats, and more with Orbital Insight GO. The best way to learn how a technology works, as with change detection and remote sensing of the environment, is to see it in action. Here is a selection of actual client usage of the Orbital Insight GO platform to inform their decision making with spatial data analysis and data-driven insights.

Real Estate Property Reports

Gain an objective understanding of customer visitation, true trade area, customer profile, and more.

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Supply Chain Disruptions

What if you could predict when your competitors facilities might go down? Example: Geolocation detected an increase in maintenance workers, which indicated unreported outages at a competitor plant.

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Pattern of Life Analysis

Rapid, scalable insight on human activities, anomaly detection, and behavioral trends across areas of interest such as military bases, metropolitan areas, road networks, and more.

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Supply Chain Traceability and Sustainability

With remote sensing and AI, Orbital Insight GO offers a digital-native solution for supply chain transformation.

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Land Use and Land Cover Change

Orbital Insight's GO creates high-cadence, high-fidelity basemaps of the latest infrastructure at country-level scale.

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Oil Inventories

Access the most accurate global oil inventories data, which covers 6 billion barrels of storage.

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