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Real Estate Property Analysis

Customer visitation, true trade area analysis, customer profile, real estate site selection: gain real-world insights on all this and more. 

Augment Your Property Analysis Efforts

Local knowledge and relationships will always drive real estate site selection, deals, and diligence, but is the information complete? Up-to-date? Bias-free?

Gain an accurate and empirical measure of market share, trade area, and demographics within any property, portfolio, neighborhood, or market at large, whether it's yours or your peers'.


Commercial Real Estate Developers, Tenants, Brokers, Asset Managers, REITs, Capital Markets


Greater Net Income, Optimize Site Selection, Increased Customer Value, Superior Diligence


"How do I discover opportunities that others missed?"


"How do I use data to drive optimal site selection?"

Gather Location Intelligence

Your net operating income is only as good as your diligence. Big data is augmenting market expertise with new data sources that accurately track underlying property health, so that you can make superior, data-driven decisions.

Location intelligence yields useful metrics such as property visitation and customer loyalty.

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Use a Data-Driven Approach for Site Selection

If your trade area analysis still uses concentric circles, it might be time to consider a data-driven approach. The census-based approach of location intelligence accurately calculates a true trade area and drive times, and they rarely look like circles.

Anonymized device pings not only count traffic, but also calculate and quantify how far customers are willing to travel to your center.

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Reveal Your True Market Potential

Do your trade areas still look like rings? Orbital Insight GO combines multiple sources of geospatial intelligence with AI to reveal the true shape of your market.

We empower systematic monitoring of your commercial real estate portfolio, comps, and the overall market to inform the best possible real estate investments.

Innovative new data sources such as satellite, cell phone location data, and connected cars yield objective real-time data about the underlying health of your assets.


Greater Net Income

A good investment nets more rental revenues. Orbital Insight GO helps identify the best investment opportunities.

Optimal Site Selection

Position your assets for tomorrow’s market with today’s most recent data.

Benefits Real Estate

Increased Customer Value

Better cater to your market with new customer insights.

Superior Diligence

Select the best assets with data-driven decisions.

Increased Customer Value

Better cater to your market with new customer insights.

Superior Diligence

Select the best assets with data-driven decisions.

Store Location Overlap

Quote restaurant

"We are familiar with platforms that look inside buildings, but your ability to draw custom areas outside restaurants is great for assessing foot traffic in an area for site selection."

Taco Bell Franchisee

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